58628 (64%) 32363 (36%)
58628 (64%) people have pressed this button, while 32363 (36%) did not.
You eradicate cancer forever
You also eradicate the human knowledge of cheesemaking forever.

Hello I am a Lemon8 years ago
No cheese = No pizza, mac ur roni, cheesecake, chuck e cheeses, sandwiches with cheese, cheetos, poutine, cheese snacks, and more cheese stuff.

AwesomeX08752 years ago
Also no Doritos Nacho CHEESE
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NikitaAleksandrov7 years ago
*Reads the recipe of cheese, Eradicates cancer, Patents the cheese recipe to himself*

Jake Dunning11 years ago
Cheese > People

Taker_of_Hells3 years ago
Raging Irish Ukrainian Italiano agrees
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mebruh8 years ago
There will be sacrifices along the way...........

The_Nautilus6 years ago
The art of cheesemaking is such an invaluable part of life it will inevitably be rediscovered

Betsy Jones11 years ago
i am so sorry people with cancer

Kisagameslast year
I'm not :/
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GavinQuinn7 years ago
They will find a cure for cancer by 2030 I can't loose cheese forever. But my opinion be would change if I knew someone with cancer

Fatel7777 years ago
Its ok A LOT of people are allergic and ALMOST NOWONE LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE cheese like less than 45

Rexina6 years ago
So NOWONE LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE pizza Like less than 45

annaburden 7 years ago
What is up with these people and curing cancer it's just one of those thing that will probably never happen Next, scientist: next well cure people of the trouble of pooping

Phoenix Kirk8 years ago

Rexina6 years ago
Scientists Would get medalja but you Would get no pizza 🍕
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hollyskyes8 years ago
i'd say yes but cheese is too important

Michael David11 years ago
Whoever wrote this is an asshole.

ipod_man208 years ago
Right?! Ther's no pizza.

Athol Busiko11 years ago
Jokes on you i hate cheese

1995mtk5 years ago
French are a disgrace (period)
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Ashley Maslin11 years ago
I miss cheese already...

Dayna Morris11 years ago
I'm lactose intolerant and cancer took three people from me

You-sir-neigh-mmm6 years ago
Dayna...they make lactos free cheese though
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Louriana Davis11 years ago
That would eliminate... NO NOT THE CHEESECAKE!!! T^T

Gemma Stewart11 years ago
What if you're vegan? Win win!

Rexina6 years ago
+Thecatlord +Ghoper1 No vegan od what He was looking fore +Thecatlord vegetarians rat Milk And cheese so its a lose.Vegans Don't eat cheese so its a win to Them +Ghoper1 Lactose intolorent also Don't eat cheese altough My Lactose intolorent Brother eats pi...[Show full comment]
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Maggie Yang11 years ago
I could invent cheese again so...

GitGood8 years ago
Keyword: 'Forever'

jdchocolate8 years ago
fuck cheese

Axtrias6 years ago
I’m Italian, how could I delete my cheese?

Fredrico798 years ago

markiplierfan27 years ago
I cant live without cheese its

ztl448 years ago
yeah fuck cheese

PhxZeeZee8 years ago
Well fuck you

IAmAFuzzyBuddy6 years ago
Worth the extinction of cheese LOLOLOLOLOL

Bacon=Life8 years ago
I don't like cheese anyway

Bashkash7 years ago
I love cheese

TankyRUS8 years ago
am I pretty? Boy: no Girl: do you even want to be with me forever?rnBoy: nornGirl: do you even like me?rnBoy: nornGirl: would you cry if I walked awayrnBoy: nornShe'd heard enough and was hurt... She walked away with tears in her eyesrnThe boy grabbed her ...[Show full comment]

Peachytree8 years ago
No cheese no i can't live without pizza and cheese cake

abcx8 years ago
"I'm cured from cancer, oh fuck I can't eat pizza anymore!" Lol

necklacesofhope9 years ago
Bye bye, cheese

Red_Lin2 years ago
I don't eat cheese. Because I am Chinese.LoL

RileyDaWizard8 years ago
Oh no we cheddar do something about this problem it isn't gouda for anybody

Edward Grillo11 years ago
I could retract them... If I can remember... How do you make cheese?

Immortus7 years ago
We can come with an alternate type of cheese...

TheSeanannerWorld8 years ago
I clicked no because without cheese, there will be no pizza.

Mangomagmaman6 years ago
Aliens, please please PLEASE come to earth and introduce cheese

zeifyl8 years ago
I don't like cheese.

Stonewolf177 years ago
Ok I know how to make cheese and just bring it back and get money for my idea

GPWNZ8 years ago

James7778 years ago
Fuck humanity i am grabbing my cheese and going to the moon!

mav11710 years ago

CreeperReaper167 years ago
Bye cheese

Xx4WOLF0PACKxX8 years ago

wolfmanguy3348 years ago
Who comes up with this shit

Cody Weekley11 years ago
Long live the cheese!!

Noeru6 years ago

hanahaxxx8 years ago
Im sorry ashdubh!

Matthew12148 years ago
Jokes on u I hate cheese hahaha

Jane Norton11 years ago
Have...cats make cheese.

RNJR6 years ago
I don't even like cheese
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