57360 (61%) 37242 (39%)
57360 (61%) people have pressed this button, while 37242 (39%) did not.
Every time you press the button you get $50,000
Every time you do press the button a random person dies

Mai-chan6 years ago
People die every second of every day, so yes, when you press the button, some random person dies. It never said that the button is the one causing it... it could be some coincidence. It could be stating some fact of life. As you read this, someone dies. I'...[Show full comment]

Azvid10 months ago

Phacey2 years ago
Fun fact this is an sml video

Teohar8 years ago
*presses button* *ends up killing self for $50k*

aidsaidsaidsaids8 years ago
7 Billion People in the world. 1.8 people die every second. If I pressed it 100 times to make 5 million dollars, I'd be doing less damage than what almost every person with 5 million dollars has done.

AceCat5 years ago
How to end with overpopulation guys (Dont kill me please)

Space Unicorn8 years ago
hope that person dead is justin beiber

Tigerstripestar2308 years ago

BookWorm13226 years ago
Considering the death rate the "downside" is already true.

Neo-flare-169 months ago
Little kids: if I owes it more then once do I get more money The guy who offered: well yes but then more people die- The kid: *spams the button*

Edric Dang10 years ago
Insert Bad Luck Brian: Presses button. Dies.

jjones3187 years ago
I preesed a button to remove downsides
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NovaJ7218 years ago
The Box film =)

LucasR8 years ago
Well , if I do it thousands of times maybe Justin bieber dies

DarthInvaderZim5 years ago
Loophole: some person is gonna die when you press the button because people are always dying somewhere anyway

VapeNayshYall6 years ago
*mashes button repeatedly*

shadowfan86 years ago
people die every second soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo........

Ragetnt6 years ago
My crush could die

oOBlakeOo6 years ago
People die every minute of each day so what"s the difference?

StephBlurry6 years ago
"22891 (40%) did not" losers

HerrowItMeKimJongUn6 years ago

The-Red-Star206 years ago
Cool, killing that you can't go to jail for

JasBagley6 years ago
*spams the button* Yeah f you Trump you dead now.

Hamburger Guy6 years ago
say, how will you send me 50k if you dont know where i live?

francisdinh6 years ago
Well, here I go... (Rapidly punches button)

Oops25cnot30c6 years ago
But it won't actually happen

Dr_7roll3R6 years ago
If it"s a random person, then it means it might kill me... I"d rather not take the risk (eventhough I missclicked and pressed the fucking button)

nova2296 years ago
a lot of people die each day so every time you press the button on the day that person is susposed to die its like nothing happened

uncleltr7 years ago
So you pretty much get 50K.

Gorgenon7 years ago
Hey, people kill for less than $50,000. I"d be a monster, but less of one than a mugger who killed a woman for her purse. Or worst, a person who kills people to kill people.

AssHar7 years ago
People die all the time, who"s to say I didn't just kill an enemy, criminal, a person who"s gonna die very soon, or anyone else?

Migdin17 years ago
A random person dies every 3 seconds anyway, so aslong as i press it every 3rd second, nothing changes

Spiderp7 years ago
...goodbye, faith in humanity.

7Randomstyle77 years ago
I would like the $50000,but I wouldn't kill for some.

Nisshoku7 years ago
It happens even if I actually don't press the fucking button.

LiunrSnivy7 years ago
I am going to make a machine to spam click that button and hope it works on me!

devi9417 years ago
Yes, I'm a horrible person, and I don't give a shit

HyperSeymour7 years ago
No downside at all.

PaintRick7 years ago
A random person dies everyday. It don't make a difference

Reus7 years ago
As long as it's not me....

Jaggedbacon7 years ago
Even if I don't press the button, a random person will die. And it didn't say immidediately. Could be decades. We're all gonna die.

lh00007 years ago
*spams the buton so many times it jams* it jammed? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

kittykatt35487 years ago
It didnt say real or fake, just said a person. Plus, if you press the button 4 times you get 200k AND only FOUR people die! Its good

ThePaulDude7 years ago
Sure why not? There's a bunch of people who need to be killed off anyway.

LeadedZeus7 years ago
Sorry overpopulated slums, but I promise I won't hit the button more than a few hundred times.

Smoughtato7 years ago
Gotta die sometime.

Shaguru7 years ago
OH GEEZ. 61% OF ALL PEOPLE DID IT! NOOOOOO-Ack, heart attack.

SamDS187 years ago
That is already happening... www.worldometer.com

Superduperbooperdooper7 years ago
Fuck em I've got more than 7 billion chances

Chara_Dreemurr_The_Demon7 years ago
Sorry random people

MeowMia7 years ago
The Human Race Will Be Extinct

poseidon.rjk7 years ago
See if you can find the 2 555555555557883925747844. If you did, close your eyes and make a wish. Then post this on 15 other comments. Hurry you have 20 minutes

Nick Wilde7 years ago
I just pressed the button. I'm mean lol.

Repulse7 years ago
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