35084 (43%) 47132 (57%)
35084 (43%) people have pressed this button, while 47132 (57%) did not.
You invent sustainable and renewable energy methods, which replace the current system. This eventually restores the world to it's clean natural state and turns Earth into Utopia
You replace Hitler as humankinds worst person ever. You go down in history as a mass murdering rapist who attempted to rid the world of gays, women and brown people. Even your loved ones believe so

Lais9 years ago
What if Hitler had press that button?

Suction-cup-man2 years ago
Then he replaces himself
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Jaydhd7 years ago
Well, honestly I care about the environment more than I do myself so...Yea...Plus, fuck what others think...

Mexicino2 years ago
Must be awkward for the gay brown women who pressed this.

Dos10237 years ago
When do I have to start killing? I will kill my nurse the same day that I die. Only one kill and I made earth into a utopia. It"s a win in my book.

Mcalainaw5 years ago
Good... murder... kidding. But go ahead and kill someone if you want...
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Samaugsch5 years ago
Why should i care what other people think of me after i’m dead?

Katkid5 years ago
“Brown people” bro you got me dead 💀💀☠️🤣🤣😵

Vaultdweller0097 years ago
So much is wrong with the facts about hitler in this

Jack Strauss10 years ago
who attempted to rid the world of gays, women So...I guess this would be the end of humanity then. Just a bunch of straight guys left?

Kittenlover1016 years ago
Just trying out that spam thing. HEHEHEHEHEEHEHEHEHEHEEH
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Chasedog57 years ago

OguzhanYigit7 years ago

Paul Pangburn10 years ago
I'll take one for the team

TheShamenCrft8 years ago
1000 years later, they figured out it was just some 12-year-old troller who made up all that stuff, and I will be remembered as a hero.

Josilynn Jacobson10 years ago
ah well. at least i'll know i did right

Anthony Colletti10 years ago
Attempted to rid the world of women? You might as well have said attempted to destroy the human race entirely. You really fucked up for throwing women under the bus there, I was going to say this was the best one ever with 0 downside.

Rob Anybody8 years ago
You are a terrible human being aren't you?

Kittenlover1017 years ago
AKA you die.

Kelly Simms10 years ago
My issue with this one is I couldn't tell whether it meant I actually did those things or if people just THINK I did those things. I assumed the former and avoided the button, Otherwise I woulda tapped the hell outta that sucker.

smart one8 years ago
racist nerds.

bitches be cray7 years ago
Fuck You Dumbass

JL17765 years ago
I’ll write my way out

WeRWeird8 years ago
That's um hmmmmmmm

dudebro1018 years ago
Wait what

DystopianResident6 years ago
Sooo Utopia = me trying to kill specified people? Am I reading this right?

oldnotweak8 years ago

CheeseyPandacorn7 years ago
I am a woman... 0.o

Slothers6 years ago
Brown people

GizMoQC9 years ago
Life is bigger than you!

Slingo7 years ago
Brown people. ... no comment

Zombieknife8 years ago
Fukin paragraph man , to lazy to read

qqwweerrttyyuuiioopp 7 years ago
If I rid the world of gays women(im assuming that's trans guys to) I would be dead

Ipsu3 years ago
Impossible. It can't be a utopia for humanity if there are only white straight men. Plus it doesn't make any fucking sense that you would be considered both savior and the devil at the same time.

DucksGamingDK8 years ago
I would invent it and shoot my self

ContagiouslyStupid7 years ago
Press the button and then kill yourself for the greater good

MichaeltheArchangel6 years ago
I’d kill myself after

Drakky8 years ago
I'll eventually die and won't care when I'm dead. Small price to pay.

elefant227 years ago
But I am a brown person!!!

Joonas Juips Grönholm10 years ago

brad104phillip8 years ago
Who cares if I press the button just before I die. When I die, I won't care what anyone says about me, I'll be dead! I can't hear them!

VenomousCompany7 years ago
Grabs Umbrella* it's worth it just to see Blood On The Dancefloor. If it's Candyland then it's worth it... If not, OPEN YOUR MOUTH, ITS RAININ' BLEACH!!!!!!1!111!

captinpixels8 years ago
sooo live life as you are now, or destroy the entire human race... and not even in a fun way either.

Tangimellow6 years ago
OH HELL NAH,I'm Vegan and I would LOVE to make the world a utopia,but I'm also FUCKING GAY

darudezandstorm9 years ago
. Girl: am I pretty? Boy: no Girl: do you even want to be with me forever? Boy: no Girl: do you even like me? Boy: no Girl: would you cry if I walked away Boy: no She'd heard enough and was hurt... She walked away with tears in her eyes The boy grab...[Show full comment]

sacredgeometry2 years ago
That would be a little hard to convince people of. What with being half brown and all.

ggggooooodlorddddd8 years ago
Not worth it. For I am Jesus!

Jun August July10 years ago
Win-win here

I BAD AT LIFE7 years ago

The q&a kid8 years ago
Well it wouldn't really matter since id already be dead

Kittenlover1017 years ago

rn_rn_rn7 years ago
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Drew7145445 years ago
We already have sustanable and renewable energy e.g. hydro dams and wind farms e.c.t. HUMANS ARE JUST MENTALY ILL

satan-sama8 years ago
So what you say I'm really JOHN CENA DODODODO DODODODO

nadiacraft20096 years ago
faka no I'm black already

Clown_Of_Irony8 years ago
Only I would know i did something great, but thats fine for me hahah
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