25320 (50%) 25831 (50%)
25320 (50%) people have pressed this button, while 25831 (50%) did not.
You have the ability to control time
it drains your life span of 6 months every time you use it

decmant5 months ago
There is no downside to this, obviously I am pressing the button

prayforkqly8 years ago
What if I WAS going to die 5 months later?

235x02 months ago
Then you die 1 month before you used the power for the last time killing you.
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Laparas8 years ago
Damnit why do all of these time control questions come with life shortening consequences?!

CollinTran7 years ago
What if you control the time it takes for you to die

D YellowMadness4 years ago
That doesn't make any sense. Time control isn't immortality.
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D YellowMadness4 years ago
Why not push it? You don't have to use it but you can if you need it.

StefanPopov467 years ago
I am immortal (WillYouPresaTheButton.com/1070)

_Fredder_7 years ago
If u press it you become immortal if u want to since u control time...

prayforkqly8 years ago
What if I am immortal?

Mac14156 years ago
Somehow i doubt that you are.
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NinjaNAH7 years ago
It never says you have to use it.

DragonsAreCool8 years ago
Save for emergency

IoritzGomezMartin6 years ago
I controlled time over my aging aka imortal

Panifex7 years ago
I have gained immortality from many sources. Infinity-6 months=infinity. Checkmate atheists

Kittenlover1016 years ago

Oofmangodly5 years ago
Ah, um zaworldu

Bugsy7 years ago
I'll use it once to win the Powerball then never again

Cerulean6 years ago
Well I could save it for emergencies only

Bryce crispy treat8 years ago
Impossible cause just hit the red button to be immortal, too bad a friend has too die too

Volion8 months ago
Definitly. Just think about it. Realisticly, what are you going to do with 86 exept sit around all day? Also you don't have to use it at all, just push to have the option.

JessicaEdwards7 years ago
Can't I just change it so I go back years so I'm younger I mean I wouldn't die then

D YellowMadness4 years ago
You"d be 6 months older & stuck in the past with no way to return except by aging 6 more months & your past self would be there.

Scrudgiegamer7 years ago
lol if I can control time, then I can live for even longer LOL!

OmarHaque366 years ago
I will fix all the problem I caused

Kizzza7 years ago
Go back to when you where born and then six months before you know your gonna die, relive your life again

Thjmze 8 years ago
Just go to the future till you see something fun,

Zengoldenwolf6 years ago
Save for emergencys

jackohans52 years ago
It"s a pretty dangerous ability, but I think I"d like it, because I would know when to use it, which would be basically never. That being said, it"d still be a good last resort kind of ability.

D YellowMadness7 years ago
Just save it for a life & death situation.

YouCanRelate7 years ago
How do you just control time? What does that mean

Nikhil_Rox4 years ago
Control the time when you are about to die...

Fite_Me_You_Bitchacho6 years ago
Pause time on your body to live forever. Simple

SpagBolChomper7 years ago
You pause time for 6 months. Ez life back :D

XavierBob8 years ago
*just in case*

AlphaAblikim7 months ago
no. downside. I can use it to save the world, and when I don't need it, i'll not use it.

Avacado12347 years ago
Go back to when you still live

ButtonGod6 years ago
Ill help many people but die in the end

Jaydhd7 years ago
I dont want to live past 65 anyway

KebaTheWeirdo8 years ago
you could control the time you die

D YellowMadness4 years ago
It"s weird that you were both thinking that considering the button explicitly gives you a power with no relation to that at all.
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AhmadKw1006 years ago
you are gonna miss school

Kittenlover1016 years ago
How does this apply?

XG2 years ago
Again, no reason not to push it. You CAN control time, you don't have to ever use it if you don't want to.

ElisaSammej7 years ago
Drink acid and bleach Use the ability. becore Immortal because you extended the time span! XD

Reny8 years ago
Just use my control time abillity to make it 6 seconds instead

Krusek7 years ago
affect time so your internal clock runs slower so you should live for hundreds of years.

KingJavier6 years ago
Well having a power is handy so as long as you dont use it unnecessary

varter212127 years ago
Oppps pressed the button

DeadlyAssassin7 years ago
Just expand time and make it super long, like instead of months having 30-31 days, make it 30-31 years

Markorkeke3 years ago
It never said you have to use it

Luke_Groundrunner7 years ago
Someone points 🔫 at my head. I can sacrifice half a year for many more.

sonhol7 years ago
so go 6 months back in time to counter it or just dont use it veary often + you controll time over everything right controlll yorself ony and take youself 6 months back in age

Buttoner1018 years ago
Just do it!-_-

Caln8 years ago
Like DIO, become a vampire to offset the side effect?

NinjaNikNik8 years ago
6 months closer to being slain though..

a_fine_boi2 years ago
If you control time, then you can just extend your life time

LuciaSavasta6 years ago
Who said u would use it
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