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You gain the power of invisibility
You can not use it for personal gain or evil if you do you're love ones die

Maharid6 months ago
So i can use it for personal gain or evil there is only a price to pay so is it a possibility.

MyNameIsMat4 years ago
It"s stupid to not press it. Like, atleast you HAVE the ability to fly. Why would you not take that. It"s bad only if you use it for your personal use or evil. Just use it to help others, you can fly.

Öykü Çapar11 years ago
If not for personal gain, then what the fuck do you even use it for? Why do we use anything for? I know, personal gain. Humanity uses everything for its personal gain.

slhammer2 years ago
use it to protect other for the safety of the people
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butterknight8 years ago
i dont have a love one

SirTurtle8 years ago
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Drunkenstein7 years ago
I have no loved ones.

BobFaceASDF7 years ago
I am loved ones die?

ameliaw4537 years ago
the person who made that is a fucking asshole

ApexSpice7 years ago
I have no loved1s

NHLic8 years ago
Well at least I've had sex with him, soooo...

Anerivbo8 years ago
Dang, it's 50/50.

ToxicColinBurst18 years ago
for now muh muh muh

Cosmo Bown11 years ago
I don't love anyone, so no downside!

notnothuman7 years ago
Top kek bro
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Blake Gorby11 years ago
Evil is a matter of prospective, what one person sees as evil another can see as good. So there is no way to keep the invisibility.

Diane Vink11 years ago

Logical-loopholes6 years ago
Great job 👍

Chiara Searle11 years ago
>you're love ones

Dumb_Spider_133 years ago
Does taking advantage of women count

sss9 years ago
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ThePaulDude7 years ago

goatladyface8 years ago
didn't push it my dog would of died

magicdog20137 years ago

Sketch TF28 years ago
Become A Superhero!

Mindofdre6 years ago
Give me one example of not using it for personal gain. Remember that if youre using it for entertainment it still counts as a personal gain.

Rixo229 years ago
Summary: you can turn invisible but you cant use it unless you want to kill your loved ones

CommunismIsAGoodDiet6 years ago
I'll kill the killers so I dont gain but someone else did... they live

Benjamin Schwartz11 years ago
tfw i have no loved ones

Ana_bradley8 years ago
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Derek57857 years ago
What if you don't have loved ones?

Gavin9 years ago
Then just be careful with the power dhu

CUP950408 years ago

Elmster4019 years ago
Girl: am I pretty? Boy: no Girl: do you even want to be with me forever?rnBoy: nornGirl: do you even like me?rnBoy: nornGirl: would you cry if I walked awayrnBoy: nornShe'd heard enough and was hurt... She walked away with tears in her eyesrnThe boy grabbe...[Show full comment]

McTroll8 years ago
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buttonpresser90006 years ago
What if I want everyone to die

JohnPariah10 years ago
eh okay

Question All8 years ago
Wtf wouldn't be personal gain?

sonicj018 years ago
you're loved ones?

JJ_VULPUS9 years ago
not worth it

Kurtlord6 years ago
what if you don't love anyone

Trenidad Zambrano Jr11 years ago

rootstown73 years ago
so I can still cheat on my math test right

SimeonX9 years ago
What love one

LeeSquire7 years ago
* "Your loved ones" not "You are love ones"

Psycho3338 years ago
The downside isnt exactly binding since the sentence is "you can bot use it for personal gain or evil or you're" or "you are love ones die" I am not the personification of love so the downside doesnt apply

PeetaFangirlForever8 years ago
Hey, a crappy superpower is better than no superpower. It doesn't say you HAVE to use it.

Jaared5 years ago
They are all dead so I think that means no downside

Why Do You Care?9 years ago
Then I'll use it to mess with friends I gain nothing

changerfett8 years ago
*goes invisible* already have invisibility

Migdin16 years ago
The bad grammar in the downside makes it so: when you do something bad or for personal gain, you become love itself, and a number 1s die

Markus Maikötter11 years ago
Well there is no real use for being invisible except personal gain (even if you get hired to spy on some1 cuz you're invisible) so might as well not take the risk (btw Your not you're @.@)

EvanRocks10118 years ago
If you where invisible you would be bilnd because the light reflection from object wouldn't hit your eyes, you couldn't see anything until you went back to normal. So you couldn't do much because you can't see.

Cody_Hackins9 years ago
Fine. I'll just press another button that gives invisibility.

AhmetSabir6 years ago
Im just gonna check the girls restroom

AmazingTacoCat 8 years ago
what the FRICK would u use it for other that that?

magicdog20137 years ago
Hi Yandere Chan
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