57436 (66%) 29823 (34%)
57436 (66%) people have pressed this button, while 29823 (34%) did not.
You get to know correct truth about any one question
You are unable to tell anyone the answer or question

Maharid2 months ago
What are the winning numbers of the next 100 lotto?

samomezz8 years ago
doesnt mean you cant give them a multiple choice question with a whole bunch of bullshit and then the answer, and they have to guess

Logical-loopholes6 years ago
Instead of telling them how about cheating on a test
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Nacas8 years ago

Loophole man8 years ago
420*10=420 the meaning of life is to smoke weed
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Marcus-1017 years ago
Cheating on a test got way easier

Sophia Deggans11 years ago
i shall know the doctors name!

EpicGold9996 years ago
Yep šŸ‘šŸ¼!
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AllyMorgan7 years ago
Does the doctor who fandom seriously not know his name

WBGrock7 years ago
One of the running things in Doctor who is that the doctor"s sctual name is never said.... this "the world was saved by the Doctor!" "Doctor Who?"

TheMultifandomBoy7 years ago
Time to find out the truth about Destiel...... Or how to bring back Alexander Hamilton from the dead :3

AllyMorgan7 years ago
destiel, definitely destiel

Shane Christy11 years ago
loophole: writing it down and showing it is not telling.

MugmanGoesEEEEElast year
The looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop
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Rasa Meldyte11 years ago
Doctor Who?

ThePaulDude3 years ago
Dr when?
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Rob Evans11 years ago
As long as I know the truth...well, that's just fine.

TheJBum7 years ago
47 Years ago? WTF.

PhillipColeman6 years ago
how to make working copys of the sburb client and server player discs

ReLaX8 years ago
It's better to know than u don't know !!!!!!!!!!

AngelicTortoise4 months ago
I'll just pick a question that only has significance to me.

Miguel Garduno8 years ago
wrting it down or google translate Loop Holes

moncherie998 years ago
downside? i will be rich!

jbol23013 years ago
so if i find out that aliens exist I will not be able to tell them and if I contact the nice ones everyone will be like wtf then I will come out and say surprise mother fucker

PowerPikachu9 years ago
"Does God exist?" Answer: No idea, personally.

FirefoxYT7 years ago
How to make pokeballs and how to bring pomemon in real life? MIND FUCKED

TheBulletMoBot6 years ago
How to become a god

Chris Edgar11 years ago
I wish to know the answer to EVERYTHING!

Dave-the-Penguin7 years ago
Hee hee I know something you don't! Hahahahahaha!

AlanKaiser8 years ago
write a book

XDRandomGamerDX8 years ago
Write it down.

leo2142(HK)8 years ago
i can not tell but i can write!

GlutNy6 years ago
Me: "i got the answer." Friend: "tell me" Me: "figure it out on you"re own , dumbass or you'll have an IQ below 0"

Squidman278 years ago
.. .-- .. ..-. ..-. -. . ...- . .-. - . ..-. ..-.

Thegoingbomb2 years ago
I wont tell them Be hired for google put in all my knowedge and goolge will tell them

Luis Angel Diaz9 years ago
what's the question i'll know the answer to

That means i would finally know if my crush likes me YASSSS

Nexp4 years ago
The true religion

Consolo9 years ago
When will half life 3 come out?

WBGrock7 years ago
All this week"s lottery numbers.

3Dboyin3D8 years ago
All it would take is for someone to ask a really weird question and then you'd be cursed of knowing all of the websites on the internet even the weird ones especially the weird ones

pengie92908 years ago
I pressed the button. My question: How can I tell someone the answer to my question?

FirefoxYT7 years ago
And then the button will be wasted... *claps sarcasmatically*

Ltheawesome6 years ago
I'm so going to waste the one answer by asking where candy is the cheapest

thesinisterelixir3 months ago
holy shit One Piece

NotTelling8 years ago
Girl: am I pretty? Boy: no Girl: do you even want to be with me forever?rnBoy: nornGirl: do you even like me?rnBoy: nornGirl: would you cry if I walked awayrnBoy: nornShe'd heard enough and was hurt... She walked away with tears in her eyesrnThe boy grabbe...[Show full comment]

Buttonpresser256786 years ago
Okay this is my question is half full or half empty

Buttonpresser256786 years ago
Forgot to say cup

TheGlitchWitch8 years ago
At least i'm not being selfish purposely.

AaronLightning7 years ago
never make it through math class

oldnotweak8 years ago
id think of the perfect wording so i can build an infinite energy device of some sort

KartYT3 years ago
One A after another

Professor Zoom9 years ago
Devalore... My good friend. It says any ONE question.

Ghopher18 years ago
doesn't matter i know i'm always right

Bluemchen6 years ago
Iā€˜m not a native English speaker so please forgive me... but does this button say I only could ask one question where I would get a truthful answer or that I would get the correct answer to any question I ask?

Tyler Junkin-Mills11 years ago
Whats the lotto number lol. Not telling anyone anyway!

Kittycutecat7 years ago
I can write XD ppl:-wow u smart me:-thx XDXD

Weeweepoo6 years ago
Does my crush like me? If so, I can start moving forward.....;)

ElementRose8 years ago

lol_surprise988 years ago
I could just write or spell it out.
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