You become a jedi
you can never watch a "Star Wars" movie again
I will not

C6 years ago
It doesn't say anyone else becomes a jedi right? So if you press the button, what happens is that you become one of the best fighters on earth with a weapon years ahead of your time.

ItsAGamer1245 years ago
Yea. Just demolish the US army.

giant_hobbit8 years ago
I don't want to be a jedi. I refuse to abide by their ridiculous code.

YouHrdKlm2 years ago
grey jedi, they are something between light and dark side
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Erik Foreman10 years ago
you're living a star wars movie you fuckin idiots lmfao

Shadarth4476 years ago
Only problem... most of the side jedi are shown to die quickly when overrun....
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DavDaBoss697 years ago
I don't really like Star Wars... but I would like to be a jedi!

Ela3126 years ago
First I become a Jedi than I betray them and turn to the dark site

I-made-you-read-this6 years ago
Good tactics

C6 years ago
Star wars books? Transcript of movies? Comics? Videos? Not that I give a shit about what happens in those movies anyway XD

Destruct6 years ago
Just watch a starwars episode

Johnny_boy_blue6 years ago
Unpopular opinion, but I don't like the Star Wars movies anyway.

Nogapa6 years ago
Begone then

Mai-chan6 years ago
*looks in all directions* Where"s the downside?

Dankumemu6 years ago
Fuck I pressed no can I redo?

SinonMercer5 years ago
Just imagine you pressed yes. These buttons aren't real anyway.

europeanonion7 years ago
As long as I'm not a prequel-Jedi.

Vallovesjack8 years ago
I'd only chose yes because I can.make people do what I want :-/

Polica128 years ago
You can watch it a few time before,then press the button Also BEING A JEDI IS FREAKING AWSOME

Aitonean Alex10 years ago
i really don't care. I just want to be a god damm jedi!! =))

Stebbins7 years ago
I don't want Kylo Ren to kill me, I want to watch him kill other jedis (if he does).

George Dodge10 years ago
The Force becomes a real thing that I have mastery over, and maybe I also get a lightsaber? How does anyone NOT push that button?

Sonia Saravia10 years ago
Why watch the movies when you can live it.

Jesse Kellogg10 years ago
I will press that anytime ever...

randomjax7 years ago
What's a Jedi?

Manning Libby10 years ago
Jedi's have a tendancy to die... im fine thanks

Yourboydulexe3 years ago
I hate star wars

Alekseisem048 years ago
I hat star wars

corni8 years ago
Why would somebody not want to be a jedi? :d i would do fabulous things :D

AminaK6 years ago
I'm a "Treky" anyways so...I don't care.

KronosJim8 years ago
I've seen them and I fined them boring to re-watch soooo. Ha. PS I didn't say i could not watch clips of them in order.

Derkaderk7 years ago
I dont watch star wars... I SEE NO DOWNSIDE AT ALL

dansdanosaur8 years ago
i dont even like star wars all that much (not into it) but a fUCKING LIGHTSABER SIGN ME UP

they_called_us_fangirl 7 years ago
The knly people who didn't watch Star Wars are the actors, 'cause they lived it! -Marshall Erikssen

Unknown9 years ago
You wouldn't need to watch it.. you'll live it

Fabulousmidori8 years ago
I don't watch Star Wars but I might as well become a Jedi (I know a few things about Star Wars jeez)

AusDart206 years ago
10000000% worth it

paratela8 years ago
Super Powers but no longer the film of the super powers? Heck yea!

chicken_butt2 years ago
why did they say "star wars" instead of star wars

nogominbutt8 years ago
I don't even watch star wars

Jellax-Jedi6 years ago
So not only am I an immortal version of Superman without any weaknesses BUT I get the Force as well and can dimension hop? Sign me up!

kuba wuu8 years ago
Loophole, you don't see thre movie, you expierience it

Dom12197 years ago
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Ella van Zanen10 years ago
I've never watched any of the movies anyhow so why not XD

whatsername6 years ago
I don't even like star wars

FatSasquatch8 years ago
Emiiexox1 is right. There is no downside!

dennisdeboer7 years ago
I do not even like the movies so I have no downside!

Hayden Gerrard10 years ago
Seeing as the movies aren't that great, easy decision

gavinbrichardson5 years ago
The new ones are terrible, and the I"ve memorized the old ones. years ago
I dont like star wars so i would rather be a jedi then watch them all over again

iblarted1238 years ago

tatapatt6 years ago
I don't like star wars soooooooo...

Wolf958 years ago
Darkside here I come!

WildNDeadly8 years ago
Im light side! IMO... LIGHTSIDE FTW!!! Just... saiyan.

Baughg17 years ago

du65119 years ago
they would make a movie about me then! lol

DeagleTC6 years ago

XGodslayerx8 years ago
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Kewone7 years ago
I don't even watch Star Wars, so joke's on them :3
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