31075 (37%) 51940 (63%)
31075 (37%) people have pressed this button, while 51940 (63%) did not.
You get to spy on everyone on earth, anywhere and place.
you will need to run 10km everyday, and if you don't you will die

MeltingSnowman7 years ago
Dammit! What else do you want from me? 100 pushups? 100 squats? Maybe you should just make me go bald as well to boot? Is that what you want!?

Zacattac7 years ago
maybe wear a yellow and red hero getup too

Sasusaku6 years ago
Running 10 km Every day will make me one punch man

Cisc054 years ago
One leg man I think
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TrollerXXL7 years ago
Is the downside a one punch man reference?

TrollerXXL7 years ago

ChristianMT7 years ago
20308 are pervs.

cycad342 years ago
nah i"d spy on Rothschild and associated tyrants
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captainrex7 years ago
ok its worth it. i could spy on everyone especially when they take showers

Noamias6 years ago
Yeah but if you get sick or break your legs you"re fucked
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Regeneration7 years ago
I think the FBI needs this

Migdin16 years ago
You see all the people running, those are the spies of the FBI
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lily_potterh6 years ago
Well then I"d be fit and healthy duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ritty036 years ago
How do these phsycos come up with these questions

Sammers5196 years ago
the most ive run is a five k better get training!

Sammers5196 years ago
also ur asking this to weaboos and people that live on their devices no offense0

Jackcook997 years ago
So double my normal running routine no big deal

Trevor Bell Jr.10 years ago
Why does this not apply to the NSA

AshFlo6 years ago
why is this comment 47 years ago
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god10657 years ago
10k is fine tats one way to lose waight

herccleary8 years ago
Good jerkoff material.

NicksterStuidos8 years ago
YES! Now I get to watch myself running like a moron for 6 hours a day!

miscbuchanan8 years ago
Run 10k in ArmA 3

Mike Lively Jr.10 years ago
Running 10K every day would kill me anyway. No thanks.

DominoX83723 years ago
play a game about the flash. and run in that
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NW3608 years ago
Treadmills baby

herpaderp646 years ago
Wow, I would die no matter what in this situation. I would die if I didn't run that distance, and would die if I did run that distance because I physically can't die.

Tracyy148 years ago


rugged fungus2888 years ago
Thats creepy if you spy on people

TheGirlWhoHatesIdiotslast year
I know what it"s like to completely run out of breath. It"s scary

doridoritoto9 years ago
give me healthy food and sleep lol

Maylene 8 years ago
First of all that is called stocking somebody and why would you stock somebody anyway. Plus if I run that far I would die probly in the middle of the run

Noctes8 years ago

Dan Grant10 years ago
No, you wouldn't be able to go on long distance flights/trains/buses.

XVicent7 years ago
Soo Darker Than Black. My cost is running 10km per day.

Olinn20006 years ago
wait thets pervey

YaskoBG 8 years ago
I was thinking too much time on that question, well i will die, cuz i cant run.

DaniloTheBig8 years ago
I already ran 10 km training for the half marathon and a 19km marathon to own. It was a marathon, but did not kill no. I already went several times running from my house to school on foot, about 3 km. Then have a power involved in running, excellent. So ma...[Show full comment]

Glassia_The_Tower8 years ago
Be super fit!

Coregamer7 years ago
Amanda cerny is sucking my dick today

NotAgain2 years ago
Sounds like i have the third eye and I'll be able to run a marathon

LanceTheBrony9 years ago
Not a big fan of running...

ThatRandomStarbucksCup7 years ago
Who says it has to be in real life?

Michael.8 years ago
Ummm.... I use customary not the metric system.

mikez8 years ago

GalceonGod116 years ago
No I don't run for NO ONE plus 10km is a long run dude

Emma Johnson10 years ago
Good motivation

willy76038 years ago
rnGirl: am I pretty? Boy: no Girl: do you even want to be with me forever?rnBoy: nornGirl: do you even like me?rnBoy: nornGirl: would you cry if I walked awayrnBoy: nornShe'd heard enough and was hurt... She walked away with tears in her eyesrnThe boy grab...[Show full comment]

Camaro71838 years ago
Knock it out early in the morning and 10k is just under 5mi so I could do it in an hour or so easy just by a slow jog

SuperBlockboy109 years ago
Stalker Level +1

Alec-Grayson7 years ago
Screw that. just work for some secret spy agency that protects the world and train your skills.

Alec-Grayson7 years ago
I read some comments and I'm not sure if i should be worried that my initial response was yes work for some spy agency or proud that for once I'm not the dirty minded one,hahah

Lue10ant Diamond8 years ago
That just, that just sounds creepy.

DomZ1277 years ago
At least u stay thin

*dies during run*

JunebugPokemon6 years ago
no way in hell.

Camma Challenger10 years ago
Actually i could do that BUT if you are sick or break a leg or something you can't do that...

gamingcrisis8 years ago
I aint no stalker

ChristianaBrown7 years ago
Treadmill that shit. Otherwise. I guess I would get exercise ahahahaa

c0rcra8 years ago
I'm too lazy for that.
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