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You get the guy/girl of your dreams and a nice apartment
You must listen to 12 angry children play Call of Duty every night next door; they are very thin walls

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well they will be silent when they here me banging my dreamgirl.
I'll either sue them, threaten them or kill them most likely kill them
Every night? I sleep during the day so I will only listen and laugh at it.
Thatll last what. 10-15 years?
I already listen to that. Plus you can annoy them with loud sex
Move to another apartment durr or wear a Jeff the killer suit and be like "GO TO SLEEP"
drown the children or smash the game system... solved the problem
I would join them
They won't be so annoying once they give a final scream of pain with a foot up their...
So me now, but happy.
Sorry Jennifer Lawrence, but it's nit worth it
I get my dream girl AND a good laugh every night! What's the downside?
Didn't say I couldnt move them or have the management deal with themrn
Skyler Fields
I can just imagine one of those kids breaking down that wall. xD
Loren Button
Earplugs. Done deal.
im gonna live in a MANSION
That'd be hysterical to listen to
Me and my girlfriend live in a PENTHOUSE of a luxurious skyscraper.I fail to see the problem
I'll probably be aggressively gaming to so idc
i'll join them :)
I could make myself deaf
I don't like apartments
How is it a good apartment if they walls are super shitty?
What twelvies? On the other side of this wall are just dead body's.
Super Hard Butt Sex will make them want to move since the walls are so thin.
sell the apartment
Every single one of these is just "Are you desperate enough for sex that you would do such and such?" Humans are fucking pathetic.
I'd join the kids playing CoD ;)
Hell fucking yes.
we'd just blast Jpop to drown them out
That should be entertaining.
I am deaf lol
sounds like a problem easily solved via shotgun?
pressed the button,i'll just join them
Sleep during the day

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