You gain the power of invisibility
You can not use it for personal gain or evil if you do you're love ones die
I will not

Maharid5 months ago
So i can use it for personal gain or evil there is only a price to pay so is it a possibility.

MyNameIsMat4 years ago
It"s stupid to not press it. Like, atleast you HAVE the ability to fly. Why would you not take that. It"s bad only if you use it for your personal use or evil. Just use it to help others, you can fly.

Öykü Çapar11 years ago
If not for personal gain, then what the fuck do you even use it for? Why do we use anything for? I know, personal gain. Humanity uses everything for its personal gain.

slhammer2 years ago
use it to protect other for the safety of the people
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butterknight8 years ago
i dont have a love one

SirTurtle8 years ago
All around me are familiar faces Worn out places, worn out faces Bright and early for their daily races Going nowhere, going nowhere Their tears are filling up their glasses No expression, no expression Hide my head, I wanna drown my sorrow No tom...[Show full comment]

Drunkenstein7 years ago
I have no loved ones.

BobFaceASDF7 years ago
I am loved ones die?

ameliaw4537 years ago
the person who made that is a fucking asshole

ApexSpice7 years ago
I have no loved1s

NHLic8 years ago
Well at least I've had sex with him, soooo...

Anerivbo8 years ago
Dang, it's 50/50.

ToxicColinBurst18 years ago
for now muh muh muh

Cosmo Bown11 years ago
I don't love anyone, so no downside!

notnothuman7 years ago
Top kek bro
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Blake Gorby11 years ago
Evil is a matter of prospective, what one person sees as evil another can see as good. So there is no way to keep the invisibility.

Diane Vink11 years ago

Logical-loopholes6 years ago
Great job 👍

Chiara Searle11 years ago
>you're love ones

Kaugya7 years ago

dillon8 years ago
There's already a dead pool movie coming out so why would you press it?! 😂😂😂

Varsixli6 years ago
So basically you get to be a hero just dont get props for it

ThatspyisaDOGE10 years ago

PuttonBresser98 years ago
This is just stupid.

MonoCraeta6 years ago
Ever watched Ted Ed"s talk about the physics of invisibility?

Enchantingryan 8 years ago
Go invisible or have no loved one l............... fuck em

LeeSquire7 years ago
What I used it to kill my family? Would it help me by killing them for me or just do nothing?

Thesmartmouse258 years ago
I can somehow convince myself that it is not for personal gain

MemzPF2 years ago
I guess my name is now "Love Ones Die"

vegetarianveggie8 years ago
I'm ivisi woman

samithebeast8 years ago
wait you could just use it to run arrownd anything

Faith_is_here5 years ago
Bit dark because I would not want to use it because my family may not die and it depends what u think evil is

jintoya9 years ago
sooooo... i cant use it is what you are saying....hey, what if i used it to kill my loved ones?.....can i go back and press it? i want a retry!

AthenaMichaelis7 years ago

Mcalainaw6 years ago
Wouldn't everything be for personal gain?

JEU7778 years ago
then I'll use it for a just in case

evanthecannon8 years ago
there not gonna care anywway

Cpt.save_hoe8 years ago
what is this ¨loved one¨ you speak of

daBruh8 years ago
No downside

Executionrs6 years ago
Everything you do is for personal gain

dudebro1018 years ago
I have no loved ones so lets get evil

HeFELLAS3 years ago
I don't love anyone sooooooooo

felipeeefl9 years ago
I can't go to the girls bathroom ;-;

AssHar7 years ago
How would one use that for good or not personal gain? Tf you gonna do? Steal from the ruch to give to the poor like you"re Robin hood or something? Come on!

Mysterygameboy6 years ago
I’ll look in the girls locker room, not for personal gain, for “research” reasons

AwsomBretzel10 years ago
so basically... you can't use it for any purpose...?

SpacePop7 years ago
You are love ones die.

TiffanyS8 years ago
Eh who cares. I could make new loved ones with the buttloads of cash I'd make.

SF1NX CZ8 years ago
Love does not exist, no downside.

EvanRocks10118 years ago
Wow that was depressing.

Dominus_Mortem8 years ago
No such thing as love

Daniel Tickner11 years ago
so I can be evil but be all out evil

andrejsllocs1238 years ago
Then i cant to the store and eat all the food and take all the money :(

Confused-Human7 years ago
Then all my love ones would die I was only ever gonna use invisibility for personal gains

Luckdrifter8 years ago
Saving someone with the power would be an indirect way of personal gain. Fudge invisibility

uughdesequestions7 years ago
I can use it to help someone or something else so yh fuck yh smash that shit
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