You get 10 gigabit internet to your home
You live in a black neighborhood in inner city Detroit
I will not

Sealion_iscoollast year
Why black neighborhood? What"s wrong with that?

densch8 years ago
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The1blaze3 years ago
Yeah27 are you implying that if they were black it would no longer be racist? Because if so you are slow.
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daxtro538 years ago
27715 people are racist

AssHar6 years ago
Lad, I live in Croatia. How the hell do you expect me to get to my high school from Detroit? I don't even have legal citizenship. And purely statistically speaking those neighbourhoods are more likely to have crime happen. Are you calling numerical statist...[Show full comment]
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Katgoesmeow3428 years ago
Yea Black people are so fun and awesome

LogicalAnswers085 years ago

Parzival_McCheese7 years ago
Wooooowww, 56% racist

Migdin16 years ago
We are not racist, I just dont want to move to Detroit.
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FredDylan056 years ago
What’s wrong with “black” people? Tjey are still human beings, just different skin tones. In my opinion, all people should be equal, no matter “race” or gender.

NotTheProtagonist9 months ago
But… *sigh* you mean treated equally. Not “should be equal”. Read one of Kurt Vonnegut’s works. I forget the name, but it provides a strong argument as to why everyone SHOULDN’T be equal.

MasterOfPuppets8 years ago
wow hatin on the blacks

TheStarFox6 years ago
I said yes because the color of some one"s skin doesn't define who they are, so I"d be fine living with them. Also, I"d love 10 gigabyte speed.

DragonEXE6 years ago
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TheMemeMachine694206 years ago
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Scotty Mc10 years ago
I prefer 10 Gigabytes... 10 Gigabit is 8 times slower :/

Gekko6 years ago
So you"re saying that you have an internet speed that is 8000 times faster than my 80/80mbit???
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Drtdyctgfhfgrgsgfrgg7 years ago
Good internet and bbc *heaven*

Magicwolf22637 years ago
my home city (the more well known one) is detroit SOOOOOOOOOo

Papyrus bones8 years ago
Err I just pressed a button the blew up Detroit but I got cake.... so no?

ItsJojo8 years ago
I'm already back, it would be nice to have more than 3 friends that are damn black.

^cri8 years ago
10 gigabytes is 1000 mbps right?

Superduperbooperdooper7 years ago
I think 1024mb is 1gb I'm not sure
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bobtheperson8 years ago
Naw, I already have ten gigabyte internet. And ten gigabit j ternet is slow as f**k

HumanPerson8 years ago

Nathan Logan10 years ago
Yo, epic gaming parties with all my new black friends. :D

Fajitas_26 years ago
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Tyler Callin10 years ago
i live in Detroit already, so what the heck.

godisbosser8 years ago
Every one who aint black here are racist

~Wave~length~8 years ago
But Markiplier blew up Detroit...

Suchtkrebs7 years ago
if it was at least 10 GIGABYTE internet, it would be worth thinking about...

Paveluausa7 years ago
Kind of like Eminem but with fast internet

wixard8 years ago
Honestly I could care less about the people IN the neighborhood, I just want to live somewhere with a nice home near/in the woods. Also who the FUCK NEEDS 10 GIGABIT INTERNET?

CyberJax018 years ago
Hmmm, GTA or real life GTA

BlackstonePlaysYT3 years ago
59% why

GhostTownGirl148 years ago
I wouldn't mind living in a black neighborhood, but I definitely don't want to live in Detroit.

Frankyboy9 years ago
Amazon delivers food in the US, right?

Laurita1238 years ago
With that internett i will not go out of the house...

Somebodysometimesomeplase6 years ago
I have unlimited

TurtleShroom7 years ago
We aren't pressing the button because we"re in a black neighborhood. We are not pressing the button because the place it makes us move to as a crime-ridden butthole where death by shooting and/or gang violence would end us.

standoutunicorn6 years ago
Such racism much mean

Muffledlaughter8 years ago
*muffled people-attracted-to-blacks laughter*

Primal7 years ago
*cough* racist

Tyler Alan James Butler10 years ago
I don't see the bad. o.o

ThiccThot17386 years ago
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aman8 years ago
Racist motherfuckers

VilhelmasTDK7 years ago
This is insulting my good friend, REOPRT THIS!!

Cdawgthedolphin093 years ago
58453 people are very racist

RizeKamishiro8 years ago
No.. Not The Gigabits Nooooooo!

Angel2245 years ago
I already live there

Dreamwarrior148 years ago
I have 16 already.

sidusutdn7 years ago
Im white and i think this is terrible if there was black people outside id be like cool because they are hugely strong in games

genesis5189 years ago
Post a sign: "Free Wifi" and you're good. Plus all the crack you can smoke.

Covyz8 years ago
What's wrong with being black I'm not black but I have black friends

Dreamwarrior148 years ago
Nothing, humans are just the most judgemental creatures on earth.

Mr.Sandman7 years ago
It'll be stolen before even get to use it

Chloe Astyr Edwards10 years ago
If you have internet, you can buy everything you need online.

TheKillerKitty8 years ago
It honestly sounds more scary to live in a white trash neighborhood.

CCthecat8 years ago

HeyBroz7 years ago
Lol if you press it you sill dont have 10 gigabit internet
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