You get a dollar everytime you pick your nose
You'll always have to fart on your food before you eat it
I will not

blob41238 years ago
farting on your food doesnt make it taste like shit. worth it

SatanSpoon6 years ago
ikr. Das why I know da wae. (Das why i press da button)

Tyler Sykes8 years ago
What did I just read

Lucario99063 years ago
*farts on food* *waits for smell to go away* *eats food*

Theverybestusername8 years ago
What if your fart smelled and tasted good?

Alexover90003 years ago
thats just absolutely disgusting.

Kittenlover1017 years ago
Wrap it in foil. Your plan has been "foiled" button!

frankey_Qc8 years ago
its just fart ... its not shit

snowzua7 years ago
Random much

Datboipy7 years ago

CrusherForPower6858 years ago
If I had no food at that time? Just pick your nose until it reaches a good amount of money. And then buy food and yeah.

Steve Crawford11 years ago
if I slept 8 hours a day, and picked my nose once per second, I'd make 56k a day. I'd totally fart on my food for that.

doctor00108 years ago
math skills, am i right?
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Bob jones7 years ago
#loophole eat someone else's food instead of your which means you still fart on yours but you don't eat it

Thomas Herndon11 years ago
wow was this question written by a 6 year old?

Hyltran3 years ago
Iā€™m a 42 year old man šŸ‘“ and Iā€™m laughing šŸ˜‚ out loud
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Hedgehog Guy8 years ago
Yes of course smelly food but maxed out wallets

Weerwet8 years ago
Eat someone else's food. "You'll alway have to fart on YOUR food before you eat it" It never said you had to fart on someone else's food before you eat it.

Ninja_pig8 years ago
no downside

Kiku_Honda8 years ago

AlexandarA1238 years ago
you will wake up and go eat and you say: Aww, this tastes like shit!

StalkerSty8 years ago
if i fart on something else do i have to eat that too?

bibao1dw8 years ago

Death_359 8 years ago
Wrap your food

Honk Honk8 years ago
Sure, no downside for me. :P

OnlyAwesomrGames8 years ago

Gamerjosh8 years ago
FARTING IS DISGUSTING!But if the downside was a little bit less disgusting, i will press it!

Nick Cirillo11 years ago
Wrap food in aluminum foil.

hypes1238 years ago

Captspicy9 years ago
Mom: ewwww what are you doing?!?!?! Me: Digging for GOLD!!!!

Alex Lopez11 years ago
Carry a piece of gum around, fart on that, eat your actual meal

captain mcderp8 years ago
that wouldn't work

Wesley Coolen11 years ago
You eat... what 3 times a day? while you can make around... well lets say 60 bucks each minute? I'll be rich enough to buy food that still tastes good even when I fart on it ... so hell yea I'll press the button x) anything to be rich

Alex Lopez11 years ago
Or just do what Nick Cirillo suggested

James Witham11 years ago
damn. i had a question that if i pressed the button on the question, i had to press the next.

Dalek Stan8 years ago
Don't worry bro, not only did I have the same but with the next 5 buttons, but also, pressing the button is the right thing to do! DO YOU REALIZE HOW MUCH YOU CAN GIVE TO CHARITY?!?!

Mar11ka7 years ago
I'm pressing it!I could get rich

pressmedont1238 years ago
With how much I'd pick my nose I'd pay to make my farts odorless

SkylerInTheSky7 years ago
i can put my food in a box or something, seal it up then fart on the box and it"s like farting on food

EmilStvring6 years ago
Im just eating an another ones food

serena123456543218 years ago
That's what I call diggin' for gold

moopink617 years ago
I dont live in America game

Hedg3h098 years ago
Eat someone else's food

Hedgehog Guy8 years ago
Your technicaly digging for gold. Do you get get discounts wiping it on some and getting away with it.

Mr. Handy8 years ago
Grow up

Liljamay6 years ago
I don't want any of these

Fabi0game7 years ago
fart on food wait for some minutes enjoy free money

ccityplanner127 years ago
If I got a dollar every time I picked my nose, I make about $10 a day. Not enough

StuffedToysOnYourShelf2 years ago
Hell yea I would like... that"s easy money so why not

Greenday415988 years ago
What if u can't fart at the moment but u r really hungry

Z0m41e6 years ago
Always carry hand sanitaiser, paper, lighter anluminium foil. Problem solved.

jameskh9 years ago
challenge accepted

Hydre8 years ago
I can fart on chickens.

Textforever6 years ago
Wow. I Never thought anyone would actually put out of ALL things, THIS.

illuminatiweed420blazeit 8 years ago
1 I don't live in the US and 2 I would wear so many boxer shorts so it does not affect me

diamondestroyer7 years ago
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnddddddddd how exactly does farting on my food affect it

SOfarCZ6 years ago
I can cover the food with foil. Button pressed.
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