23262 (26%) 65478 (74%)
23262 (26%) people have pressed this button, while 65478 (74%) did not.
anyone will have sex with you if you ask
you'll go blind

Mammot2 months ago
Why would I want to be blind. Are you stupid

themsovietbois2 years ago
me, a muslim: well that ends there

MTBtoast2 years ago

MTBtoast2 years ago
virgin for life

AceCat5 years ago
Why all this sex questions? My Ace ass is getting tired

Wonkyplaya6 years ago
Lol 69 % did not

Button_presser_168 years ago
it doesnt say when

dedoed8 years ago
I smell what your stepping in

Shotiko8 years ago
I don`t know... I want to see with who.. or wat i have sex with?

GabrielLealGonalves6 years ago
I don't SEE the downside... Anyone? No? Okay.

Lorrkins3 years ago
Well you ARE blind for your entire life but it"s still anyone

HowInTheWorldDoseThisWork7 years ago
It doesn't say how long you will go blind, or when 😎

RATTLE_ME_BONEZ3 years ago
Blind people can see in their dreams, just learn how to lucid dream.

Fabri07268 years ago
um sex was 2015 lets talk about 2016

Beban8 years ago
Are you fucking kiding me ? It was so 2014

captainstj5 years ago
Easiest choice ever, because I'm already almost blind😏

JacobBtheG6 years ago
coincidence as i am writing this the I Will not press the button is 69% and this is a sex question

Garrett Zeal11 years ago
Doesn't matter, had sex.

senatordeathwish6 years ago
This man has priorities
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IeshiaBetco7 years ago
69% of people disagreed... XD

lexi-the-homosexual-dragonborn7 years ago
What if I just go blind the second before I die

MangoMango7 years ago
Didnt say when id GO blind XD LOOPHOLE

TrapAdapt7 years ago
Who knows maybe it can be "You'll go blind someone else" YA NEVER SAID THAT NOW HUH?

AlphaOmega7 years ago
ooh blind sex kinky

Innovative-Question7 years ago
*gets eye surgery*

Watermelonman7 years ago
Sorry, but WHEN exactly do i go blind?

Kit878 years ago
But when would you go blind? Could be right after or it could be 40 years after.

InkySans8 years ago
Nevet said how blind

OguzhanYigit7 years ago
How old are you

BlasterIce8 years ago
Gotta feast my eyes on those babies to get hard tho..

Kell Belle D. Armstrong11 years ago
I'm an artist, musician, and book worm. I need my sight.

hoiimcorvo7 years ago
And I think Bethoven was deaf AND crazy...
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LoneWolf22xo6 years ago
I’m already blind. 😑

Z0m41e5 years ago
Have fun typing stuff. (I do know that blind people can see a little.)

TheHusk9 years ago
doesnt matter had sex!

Jarebare8 years ago
Go blind when I die.

Wiserman198 years ago
First of all, it doesn't say when. Second, it doesn't say how. Third, DAREDEVIL. Fourth, ANYONE WILL HAVE SEX WITH YOU. you could go blind when you're 80, you don't know when. Loopholes man.

Lily Amber Lavery-Allcroft11 years ago
Sex with matt smith... Thts the last thing I wanna see... ;)

SaraB8 years ago

evil brony8 years ago
I'm 10 so no I'm underage fo dat

HenryWong1227 years ago
How are you one this site then? Does your mother know about this?
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greaterfiend3 years ago
Already blind, lets go for it.

Killaboi9366 years ago
You can’t see amazing bodies?

Skurtz8 years ago
lets have sex babe

JaCkIsSoMeFiSh!8 years ago
Blind for how long?

Cakeilike8 years ago
It doesn't say when i'll go blind.

xXFlametailXx9 years ago
Hmm... Sex with Markiplier.... I WANNA SEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! *watches a Markiplier porn video and leans face against the screen, breathing heavily*

Itsmehomie7 years ago
Fuck ya here I come school

JustLikeTheySay7 years ago
I'm 12. Why am I on this website.

NyaXNekoSleepyKinq7 years ago
Well I'm 11 so shut the fuck up.

Jeffguy8 years ago
I am a gamer so I need my sight

MrLoomis428 years ago
Not worth it.

mxrxe8 years ago
well. hopefully they figure out a way to fix my sight in the future.

dyrus9 years ago
but this means that i cant play games anymore...

Isaac1277 years ago
First, ew. Second, for how long?

Ruby \\"The Weaponizer\\" Rose8 years ago
idek anymore.....

Galaxies Colliding7 years ago
Sex isn't even that good lmao

AceCat5 years ago

Jaminjoker8 years ago
But how blind exactly? -winks- it doesnt say COMPLETELY blind

Sixfromlittlenightmares3 years ago
I don’t feel comfortable with this, I’m 9

heyguesswhaticantthinkofaname8 years ago

Oldiron_796 years ago
Can't I do it till I need glasses

The Howling Wolf8 years ago
so around 12927 dumbasses would go blind just for a feeling you can get in many other ways?

HenryWong1227 years ago
Like what you gonna get a Hooker? Fuck an ANimal? Jack off? SLeep with your sister?
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