You can transform into whatever you wish
Each transformation is excruciatingly painful
I will not

usoutlaw7 years ago
well thats the price one pays for the ability to turn into a dragon. also it doesn't say how fats your transformations are. you could only be in pain for a second

AF6 years ago
There"s also a possibility it will be for 5 hours. The best option isn't always what actually happens (in fact, it mostly doesn't).
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FemmeBumbleBee6 years ago
*presses button* *shapeshifts into badass femme transformer* Worth it. ( another scenario) * presses button * becomes an extremely hot girl with wolf ears & tail* Conclusion: it’s totally worth it , NOW WORSHIP THE BUTTON!

Bountyhunter32335 years ago
I'll be Mirage lol
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TheOneAndOnlyLight7 years ago
I could take painkillers before the transformation -> (Autor of this) XPOSED

Scarpie7 years ago
I'll just morph so many times that I become used to the pain

eat5906 years ago
Like imagine that you would explode from so much pain
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TheJester7 years ago
what if you transform into something immune to pain

Lenni12076 years ago
The transformation is the part with the pain so you have to feel it once.

Killmachine19037 years ago
Ok ok rellax xD

MishtiDoi6 years ago
So I can transform into a slimmer, healthier and fitter version of myself? Without all the dieting and exercise, that would anyway be painful?

Simon Wang10 years ago
If you don't use it it'll be like nothing happened at all, but you still have a useful power.

Me_my5 years ago
Only use it once a day
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DragonEXE6 years ago
This is DragonEXE approved

the117doctor6 years ago
*falling off a cliff* *grows wings* *glides safely* "owwww"

StevenMcCall7 years ago
Turn to smaug once. Problem solved

somebODYONCTOLDME5 years ago
What if this excruciating pain was just a bad cramp in your foot

Kutarinkito6 years ago

CamdenCipala6 years ago
This kind of reminds me of SCP - 113, (The Gender Switcher, to the naked eye it looks like a piece of red jasper.) upon touching the stone, you can transform into the opposite gender of your own, but it takes around one minute, and it is excruciatingly painful.

Panifex6 years ago
Transform into a being for which pain is considerably lessened

Preytorkamen6 years ago
Transform into a machine that makes a machine that does whatever you wish for it to. Transform back into yourself. Only felt pain twice, and now you have a machine that does anything you desire.

DataDrakon6 years ago
So basicaly the Polyjuice Potion from Harry Potter on steroids PLUS infused with your body?

Bountyhunter32335 years ago
It"s similar

TobiasV7 years ago
So i can be a dragon for some pain..... YES FUCK YES

Eric Booker10 years ago
i will become a raptor, i will be realistic too, with feathers and little toe claws, and i will eat everyone's salad!!!!

therealobama2 years ago
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ThePoke-SqaudLeader7 years ago
So? What doesn't kill ya makes ya stronger! I would turn into mewtwo or another strong and rare Pokemon!

LogicWizard3148 years ago
It's still nice to have the option.

KakashiHakate2 years ago
It doesn’t say how long so it could only be have a second of pain

TheDawg18 years ago
*turns into god*

Alec Moyes10 years ago
it's good to at least have the option even if you never use it

Noncinator696 years ago
Just turn into someone who can turn into anything without pain and you only have to feel the pain once.

MidgetRunning8 years ago
Just transform into a painkiller, that'll solve the problem.

SBURBIAN8 years ago
U don't take the painkillers, u ARE the painkillers

The_worst_man_ever4 years ago
Transforms into jellyfish which doesnt have brain so it cant feel pain

Chang32228 years ago
Let's transform into God

pokepower866 years ago
so i can transform into a version of myself that"s extremely good at everything

bighappydt8 years ago
I'm sure they would be..

Girl meets boy 057 years ago
Right simon Wang

ChaosWeaver8 years ago
It's worth it. I won't even use painkiller or anything, I'd bear the pain like a man.

gakj8 years ago
i am ok with that

SandPotato8 years ago
no downside, bad question

mika0329 years ago
Do Not Read this, i am warning you, if you do, you are doomed, you will be permanately haunted by Ben drowned.

NightOwl512 years ago
Okay, I'll call you tomorrow, when he shows up. (he says sarcastically).

FoxChI6 years ago
Transform Once and done.

Metar8 years ago

ikovader8 years ago
I wanna be cool ;_;

Bryson Doggett10 years ago
turn into something that can't feel pain

Gab_Gob6 years ago
I will get used to the pain, i just wanna eat my enemies as some huge dragon and look badass (spit them out bc they taste like shit of course)

ImCool03048 years ago
Pain is for dweebs.

Stavros2017GG7 years ago

RustyMan3608 years ago
Transform into a transformer

DinoNarwhalYT6 years ago
I'll become a potato #A_PotatoMeansLife

KAW GAMING8 years ago

JohnDoe20897 years ago
Do it once to see how painful it is then use it for emergencies, I do want to become a fox though

AlphaWootmoo7 years ago
Which one? Regular fox? Tails? That fox thing from LOL?

clippauk28 years ago

OneThiccMoth3 years ago
Well, we can always get used to it

EpicJoez8 years ago
just use anesthetic to feel no pain

David Poulton10 years ago
just transform into things without pain receptors, I'd never go back to realistic things anyway.
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