You get the chance to restart your life from scratch. A new life, a new body, and a new world.
You'll remember your old life only in vague glances through your dreams, like something missing in your life that you just can't put your finger on.
I will not

BanBan3 months ago
........ *Flashbacks to Garten of BanBan* ....... *tear rolls down my face* .... *sob*

Snowfrost9188 years ago
I like my life already. Plus, there is a religion that says that you are reincarnated every time you die, with the exception of remembering your old life. Still, that is not my religion, and I like my strange life already.

Snowfrost9188 years ago
and who says that it will be a good life anyway?

Dejayc8 years ago
Get the chance. When? The moment I die/before I die? I guess that's not too bad.

legakeir5758 years ago
My family is to strong to make me press that button

Themauf5 years ago
Your English skills aren't as "strong"

Cosmic Communist8 years ago
My life is going to be awesome as soon as I finish college and don't have to worry about my parents. :P I don't want my life any other way.

TheHipsterOne7 years ago
Can we do this? Now, if possible?

VickyStxr7 years ago
If I remember my life I could remember myself to not make the same mistakes again

Cheshire shadow7 years ago
this is fine because i"m in the multiverse now........and legendary powerful. plus i can prank bad people......

Aidowan7 years ago
I live my life and I would never want to restart by not dying.

Hamburger Guy7 years ago

iluvtoeatchildrenlast year
can i piss in your mouth
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ComicSansBones8 years ago
like resetting timelines like as if youre in undertale

Creamytoast8 years ago
I would press the button when I am about to die.

braydenisswag8 years ago
my new life mabye wouldent have me inside 99.999999999999999999999999999999999999999% of the time and i would mabye HAVE a life so no thanks

stormy_alpha8 years ago
Sounds like a good novel.

DarkDragonWarrior8 years ago
So, reincarnation? PS, I sometimes already feel the downside

teacupbth8 years ago
Great.At least I have dreams to remember them.I keep dream diaries.

gahmora8 years ago
I pressed it for thenew world this world is very boring see you in a new universe.

Hardun028 years ago
Do I get to design my new body?

ComicSansBones8 years ago
youre already beautiful my good sir no homo

jake1da1snake 8 years ago

lollypop37 years ago
Look at this emoji With magnifine glass 😍

nerdybucket7 years ago
Kinda sounds like kotor 1

Matie88 years ago
Why not find my body and have my old brain transplanted into my new body?

Aleksa50594 years ago
Why I want it?I will remember my parents sister family....

Lukecardoza7 years ago
That sounds like a really interesting book or anime or something lol.

ElsaPabst6 years ago
I hate having to live with something I just can't remember. Plus only God has the power to make a new heaven and earth so...

WhiteFoxReign 8 years ago

fandomgeek9107 years ago
Sounds like the Doctor from Doctor Who...

me245963 years ago
I hate how i look and my life, so starting from scratch might be pretty cool

Migdin17 years ago
Thats what i want to happen when i die, they never said when it restarts, so i choose right before i dir

HSTrains6 years ago
Guys why did you press the button, dreams and I like my life anyway. LOL

Snitchblasta7 years ago
You already are recreated after you die with memories of your past lives

AmazingSuperDan 8 years ago

lollypop37 years ago

AndyMan11YT3 months ago
I will gladly press this button... On my deathbed!

Titouan7 years ago
The world could be more sithy

BravadoCadoYT4 years ago
This is exactly like the scenario that will appear when I die except that this world wouldn't of existed to me

SeanKuder6 years ago
Did you know there was a kid that said he got killed by a man with a axe, so they found the spot where he supposedly died, AND FOUND A SKULL WITH A AXE IN IT!!!

Weirdo_artist6 years ago
Omg yes I did!! I thought of that when I saw this!!
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Sanara8 years ago
Actually I wouldn't be surprised if that already is the case... I have dreams I cannot explain and moments where I identify more with certain animals than humans. Maybe I have had a past life and started again. I press the button anyway

Sawyer8617 years ago
It depends how my body is and such, too many variables

vilkle8 years ago
I have no friends so fuck yeh

Throwawayforonecomment3 years ago
Kinning in a nutshell

JustLikeTheySay7 years ago
A whole new world..... A dazzling life I never knew

Drawesomethewizard7 years ago
Just learn from your mistakes....

Marbear6 years ago
I love things like this

hardgore17 years ago
i forgot most of my life already

PlayfulTriceratops8 years ago
Nope nope nope nope ect.

BadassBatman_7 years ago
Yes because I could go back and not mess up my neck and back and not be in pain

Awsome-dude6 years ago
you start frome scratch and only see tiny bits of your past life

lazoreffect7 years ago This is a good one

Chara_is_coming4 years ago
How"s about this? All games on steam are free and you NEVER forget your password. BUT. You must play doki doki 10 times in a row before you do :p

Awsome-dude6 years ago
How often do you have the dreams and +wont you know that is a past life cause its your power

NitroZombies8 years ago
Click the button on your deathbed, become reborn... and relive life
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