46604 (44%) 60480 (56%)
46604 (44%) people have pressed this button, while 60480 (56%) did not.
You would be the most popular person in your town
The only social network you could use would be Google+

kittens03308 years ago
I hate attention, and i couldn't use Tumblr?! Hell no

Honk Honk8 years ago
Who cares about popularity? Right?

Tobsuus7 years ago

jayce2358 years ago
Hey most of your friends are in your town wtf is the point of social media when your famous in your town and they all know where you live.

MoosePlayz5 years ago
I dont live in a town lol.

FireHeart396 years ago
Bruh I only use Google anyways. No downside for me


Vortex12126 years ago
I need my Soundcloud

Uncookedham876 years ago
Google plus? That still exists?

kupeck4 years ago
No it doesn't, they killed it.

Supersonic20166 years ago
The only social network I use IS GOOGLE+ I see no downside

Uncookedham876 years ago

Technocolor1356 years ago
I only have that

Felicia Threatt10 years ago

superninja448895 years ago
You can't waste something you don't have.
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Deadpool11228 years ago
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the Duckworth 8 years ago
I love deadpool

Jat LaBerge10 years ago
I'd make it popular by using it, duh

Hamburger Guy7 years ago
PLUS 8 million people will like me... I live in New York City.
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Zack Babcock10 years ago
At least it's not MySpace...

the Duckworth 8 years ago
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kittenune9 years ago
PSH who needs to be popular anyway? Plus I like being anti social in real life!

asriel_the_coffee_drinker7 years ago

Qwerty123456uiop78905 years ago
Um, what is this? Social network!

Joseph Z. Zhou8 years ago
Does skype count as a social network? Cause nothing else worth using works in my country anyways besides skype.

tino-k8 years ago
I already use it the most often. So, I see no problem with this. It could be worse, it could be MySpace….

Warhater9115 years ago
WTF?! My town is the smallest in the whole fucking world!!!! I live in a Swedish town called Hjo. I am allready the coolest person there XD

its me isaac8 years ago
so there's no downside with me

JakeTheGamer7 years ago
No f*^*^*, way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not worth it

Dayna Morris10 years ago
The most popular person in Toronto? I don't think I could handle that

Ruben146 years ago
I live in Chicago and don't use social media- win win.

vivajohn19688 years ago
Don't even use social media lel

Oddbodd7 years ago
Fuck no

Deadpool11228 years ago
Google+ is awesome! Why do people hate on it?

GreenDog37 years ago
Already only use G+

imavirginnn2 years ago
ha ha ha, google+

loganp8 years ago
I have google+ its not bad

spasticVocalist8 years ago
I have long since forgotten how to breathe any air that isn't tainted by Archive Of Our Own and Tumblr. Popularity is overrated anyway. I also wouldn't be able to deal with that much social interaction.

dan_0183745 years ago
I am famous on google+ sooooooooooooooo (breaks the button by smashing it)

ok_then7 years ago
i don't do social media. and i literally live in a forest soooo.....

asdguy009 years ago
i hate social networks anyway

doomoocv8 years ago
That's the ONLY social media I use, so whatever...

Cristian From PL7 years ago
Ohh sweet Google+ come to ur new papa

Catie Bormann10 years ago
If I'm the most popular, everyone will start using google+ to keep up with me.

Rodgerza8 years ago
My town has 1000 people

Kritzy6 years ago
I'm assuming its just a google+ account, so no Youtube? Then thats a big no for me

loophole198 years ago
No one said u can have one of your "friends" make the social network look and behave differently. By "behave" I mean work differently.

MiceCrispie8 years ago
Fuck google.

GriffinBowes6 years ago
Google rules

Juliet Elysa8 years ago
I don't want to be the most popular person in town.

iTzTitanium7 years ago
Google+ = Youtube. So , Why Not?

Lucas Littner10 years ago
Fuck Google. I fucking hope they get fucking bombed.

suzy6669 years ago
who is making these questions??? are they that stupid??? did you know what people did before facebook? i started using most forms of social media and stopped because of how detached it is from reality. it's not real, and you should call your friends (or ev...[Show full comment]

Cmg45677 years ago
I only use g+ instagram and pinterest. No big loss

Samuel5267 years ago
Make a wish and find the zero ;) OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO If you found it then your wish will come true ;) (not really)

SinonMercer5 years ago
2 downsides.

powerreader108 years ago
But I don't want to be popular...

DerpTheToastCat8 years ago
or i could be a normal person like everyone else and not constantly be watched by random people

flexr8 years ago
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