You would legalize gay marriage
you would become a homophobe
I will not

Songbird67687 years ago
The thing that I hate about being a Christian is that Christans believe being Gay is a sin. Like, yes, God did make Adam and Eve straight and mate and that stuff but that doesnt mean that everyone is gonna be straight! If God didnt want. Gays or Lesbains h...[Show full comment]

Awesomepeach3last year
God didn't make Gays or Lesbians. Mankind did.
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CommentingDevice7 years ago
I'm already pansexual, how could I be a homophobe? I would happily legalize gay marriage, but I don't see the second part being possible.

MyPasswordisPassword8 years ago
its already legal

FurrySlayer279 months ago
Looks like Im going to australia :)
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SuperHumansUnlimited7 years ago
I hate the word homophobia. You aren't afraid. You"re an asshole

Timelypat7 years ago
Yeah but there"s no root word for hatred.

rexafun127 years ago
I love a volley ball now.

rexafun127 years ago

assassinboy6 years ago
but what if iam gay huh

ChloeStanford6 years ago
Wait wait, I'm pansexual though why would I be a homophobe

Fudge6 years ago
why even legalize gay marriage in the first place?

David Casella11 years ago
homophobia isnt real its not a fear its ignorance, and sacrifice one for millions

yesDOTexe3 years ago
you can have a fear of anything so technically you could be afraid of gay people it would just be dumb
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TigerMunchy7 years ago
Gay marriage is legal here and... Um... I'm pan so... I don't think it"s actually possible for me to be a homophobe??

Jaraskur7 years ago
Good way to stop over population

Hamburger Guy7 years ago
Here"s my scientific theory: all life has a number of traits to distinguish it from non life. One of them, is to be able to reproduce. Gays cannot, and cannot because their brain has gone against organism"s reaaoning. Therefore, they are not fully devel...[Show full comment]

Blebleb5 years ago
Gay isn't a species, the human race can reproduce for the most part, therefore, your comment proves you to be a dick.
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liamjgrande7 years ago
Why would I legalize gay marriage if I'm a homophobe

SachiLal7 years ago
Why would I legalize gay marriage if I was homophobic?

PinkDiamond6 years ago
if you are homophobic before pressing the button, afterwards you wouldn't be cuz double negative makes a positive
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SewerRatt7 years ago
It already is legal where I live.

Dylann7 years ago
I'm already gay, lol So for me, no downside

FurrySlayer279 months ago
You also now make history by being gay and homophobic at the same time

rainbowsuzanna7 years ago
I don't want to be afraid of my best friend.

Avishag287 years ago
Taking one for the team (Also... Im gay)

Supercyzer8 years ago
It's halfway legal here anyway and I like to stay open minded, so no thanks.

SpeedDemon GT8 years ago
Would that mean I'd be against myself?

AndrijaFuncyman8 years ago
Upside plz

Pacopambisito8 years ago
Im already homophobic

nickluc07108 years ago
Why would you WANT to legalize gay marriage? And honestly why the hell would you be gay anyway... I hate how gays are offended by everything?! If your gay, whatever, but don't go shovin it down people's throats of how there is no "gay equality".

Timelypat7 years ago
Right, because who would be offended by being treated unequally.

Mr. Judge8 years ago
Already a homophobe. Nothing bad in hating gays/lesbians

Timelypat7 years ago
It mainly depends on your reason.

WBGrock8 years ago
I would seek counseling to fix my homophobia.

Matthiasm8 years ago
I'm actually homophobic :o

Ryan Holmes11 years ago
youre not homophobic, its called being an asshole

PinkDiamond6 years ago
you know whats funny? A) we have an over populated society and need the population down anyway B) People related to homosexuals are shown to have a higher sex drive. IE more kids. there are all kinds of research done that prove the biologic advantages of h...[Show full comment]
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GoldVolt1088 years ago
Gay marriage is legal in the U.S. Now and I live here and honestly I am kinda against gay marriage but I won't complain.

Youssef Jbili11 years ago
what is the upside here ?

bene31162 years ago
fuck you
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Mahziel Light11 years ago
After seeing a local priest being taken to court for refusing to marry a gay couple and having his license removed from him I don't support gay marriage. When the law takes away a mans freedom of opinion and punishes him for his religious beliefs, that is ...[Show full comment]

Awesomepeach3last year
I don't care what anyone else says, I agree with you 100%, and am SO GLAD I found someone else who shares my beliefs. Thank you so much for saying this.
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Kevin Quinn11 years ago
a noble sacrifice

Bo Binnenhei11 years ago
gay marriage is already legal where i come from.

Dinne Levy11 years ago
Then, i would kill myself. Nahh, it's impossible for me to become a homophobe xD

Elf6758 years ago

0Thanos05 years ago
I hate gay people

WhyHelloThere9 years ago
It's gonna turn legal sometime and I don't wanna be a homphobic

Watermelonman7 years ago
This comment may be offensive. Press to show.

bingojane 9 years ago
They didn't say that you have to stay homophobic

Ratee5 months ago
Isn't it allready legal?

LostNightWing 8 years ago
Ha Gayyyyyyyy

flannelham7 years ago
What if you are gay?

Hamburger Guy7 years ago

the_amazing_boar2 years ago
I'm already homophobic so if I don't press it I only see advantages

Noester 8 years ago
It's already legal

Prism7 years ago
Gay marriage is legal now. Seriously, look it up.

PinkDiamond6 years ago
not everywhere

EmoDives_OnMars 8 years ago
Gay marriage is already legal, and I am a lesbian so how would I be homophobic, and homophobia is not a real thing.

Bunneh_Sasha_Braus3 years ago
so im ace/bi and homophobic?

Beedrill-Senpai8 years ago
it already happened :p

azazel8 years ago
Hitler Did Nothing Right. Hitler Did Nothing Right. Hitler Did Nothing Right. Hitler Did Nothing Right. Hitler Did Nothing Right. Hitler Did Nothing Right. Hitler Did Nothing Right. Hitler Did Nothing Right.

MAD Shazam8 years ago
1. The gay community has proven that they can legalize their own marriage. 2. It doesn't say they couldn't or wouldn't make it illegal again. 3. One of my best friends are gay and I won't throw away my friendship for other people.

GrumpsyCat9 years ago
It's already legal in the UK :P
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