4129 (26%) 11463 (74%)
4129 (26%) people have pressed this button, while 11463 (74%) did not.
50% Chance of any superpower
50% Chance of living forever paralysed

ImSmarterThanYou693 months ago
guys i got fucked on the 50/50

KingDude2 years ago
Ok spammers u nasty

SpamtonG.Spamton10 months ago
and the spammers are gone

Iwillpressyourbuttons_4 months ago
I had to ask my mom what she would do for this question!

Monkethefirst8 months ago
Mane is it living, forever paralyzed or living forever, paralyzed and what kind of paralysis? Full paralysis or partial? My answer wholy depends on what the answers to my questions are

Yes_I_Pressed_It3 months ago
Would it work if I chose my power to never be paralyzed then press it again?

MANJUEGAZOS5 months ago
25% chance of both?

Fire_A.org5 months ago
nah bro

ItzRoomy3 years ago

Smartest-Man3 months ago
Living forever paralyzed is not something you should risk. Not even if it's a five percent chance. The low is too low, and the high is too unspecific.

DrSussy2 months ago
Nah, I'd get the superpower...of being paralysed.

Jayfeather8242 years ago
I would definitely end up paralyzed with no super powers

Johndabananalast year
I got the bad end of the deal. This is his friend typing

Joeyjojoshabobo4 months ago
Yes, I like those odds

Unwitty_dude3 years ago
Cool I’ll just write a note telling the doctor to kill me if I’m paralysed in advance.

Happyboi2 years ago
No you turn immortal

You-like-kissing-boys-dont-you9 months ago
Hello this is his friend speaking. He is now paralyzed and all his friends and family are calling him a stupid son of a bitch while crying to abcdfu song

nedjib2 years ago
I s*ck in 50/50"s so I press though lol

STEEF3 years ago
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