You will become very sporty
You can't eat fastfood ever again
I will not

Silver_Nightray7 years ago
I don't see any upside in this shit... No KFC anymore and I have to do sports!? Fuck it! I'm proud of my body anyway.

EliOpinions6 years ago
Ye. Me too. I love my KFC😍
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mr.whatface8 years ago
Double downside. Fuck you.

Maxbobo1232 years ago
Your right it sucks that your not fucking obese
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Valensiakol7 years ago
I know this is basically a win/win situation but I love some good fast food...

SFS_257983 years ago
Sometimes, To be the best, You must leave things behind that drag you down

sassyann7 years ago
just cook it slowly

ShadowShaper7 years ago
omfg xD

Valensiakol7 years ago
I'll just tell them to make and serve it to me slow.

BreannaGraham6 years ago
Homemade food

BlokeMaker7 years ago
Sports suck, the good choice is obvious.

Yeah277 years ago
Fastfood is disgusting

AwesomeBro4047 years ago
Error 404:Upside.exe, BackupUpside.exe and BackupBackupUpside.exe and infinite more backups not found!

wisecrack38 years ago
Lose lose

dankmemes1017 years ago

dragonsparks4237 years ago
Fudge that give me chicken nuggets

dankmemes1017 years ago
It"s not worth losing shamrock shakes

Devin Trainer11 years ago
I don't see a downside here. You wouldn't eat fast food if you're an athlete anyways.

Lorange72 years ago
Thats not true being an athlete is about not having "treats" too often and having your normal diet be healthy and burning off what you gain
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Cyle Labrecque11 years ago

BenjaminMurray7 years ago
No Burger King he'll no 🍔
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Daria Michałowska11 years ago
That's what I'm trying to achieve anyway. Having it without any effort would be a wonderful present.

ThePaulDude2 years ago

Juanel8 years ago
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Nemirya7 years ago
but I love peiwai O*O.....

mrgamerman1238 years ago
Then i just eat slowfood xD

cocopopninja7 years ago
I dont care for sports :D

salimkhd8 years ago
How about a soda ? I can at least drink coke ..

Annoying-Orange5 years ago
I am Ronaldo

Iliketrainz8 years ago
Just make everything homeade genuis

alexdawson578 years ago
Fast food socks anyways

JirayuSnidvongs6 years ago
I cant eat fast food? PFFF I CAN JUST EAT JUNK FOOD >:D

lepotterfangirl9 years ago
Nah. I like being a bookworm

sophiatheyoutuber8 years ago
fast food is my life i love mcdonolds

JethroJireh7 years ago
I'm already very sporty :)

Kevin Drewett11 years ago
Honestly i do not eat at fast food joints very often to begin with, and more often then not i just feel lazy those days.

dogewolf8 years ago
lol athletes dont eat fast food

Emi8 years ago
I can become very sporty by my own, thank you

KaliKat8 years ago
No McDonalds! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😱😱😱😱😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Generalnate52 years ago
So you become healthy?

Maxi Funk8 years ago

Pyrodes6 years ago
I dont have legs.

JoeReaper9 years ago
No downside for me. Also ScarletViper, rn appears when you hit the enter key for some reason. Observe.

TheMidnightBlade8 years ago
I'm eating at DQ XD

maelou8 years ago
I am very sorty nd i eat fastfood everytime

Jeffguy8 years ago
I thought it said u will become very spotty xDDD

Rexy8 years ago
I can you use Adblock-block😂

Kagerouuuu10 years ago
FastFood NerdFood

Cubixxx7 months ago
I like fast food too much. Also, if I don't press the button, does that mean I am awful at sports? There is nothing that specifies that you are awful at sports and you can't get good ever again if you refuse to push the button.

NXTLVL8 years ago
That's great! If you can make a Carrier you don't go t MC % Co.!

Austin Meinert11 years ago
the downside is...?

High on Potassium8 years ago
I never eat fast food. cuz it is diabetes

DeathNinjaGamerHD7 years ago
i never eat fast-food

omg9997778 years ago
No up side

IanScott5553 years ago
The negative is what exactly?
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