51374 (56%) 40763 (44%)
51374 (56%) people have pressed this button, while 40763 (44%) did not.
You will become very sporty
You can't eat fastfood ever again

Silver_Nightray7 years ago
I don't see any upside in this shit... No KFC anymore and I have to do sports!? Fuck it! I'm proud of my body anyway.

EliOpinions6 years ago
Ye. Me too. I love my KFC😍
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mr.whatface8 years ago
Double downside. Fuck you.

Maxbobo1232 years ago
Your right it sucks that your not fucking obese
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Valensiakol7 years ago
I know this is basically a win/win situation but I love some good fast food...

SFS_257983 years ago
Sometimes, To be the best, You must leave things behind that drag you down

sassyann7 years ago
just cook it slowly

ShadowShaper7 years ago
omfg xD

Valensiakol7 years ago
I'll just tell them to make and serve it to me slow.

BreannaGraham6 years ago
Homemade food

BlokeMaker7 years ago
Sports suck, the good choice is obvious.

Yeah277 years ago
Fastfood is disgusting

AwesomeBro4047 years ago
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wisecrack38 years ago
Lose lose

dankmemes1017 years ago

dragonsparks4237 years ago
Fudge that give me chicken nuggets

Devin Trainer11 years ago
I don't see a downside here. You wouldn't eat fast food if you're an athlete anyways.

Lorange72 years ago
Thats not true being an athlete is about not having "treats" too often and having your normal diet be healthy and burning off what you gain
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dankmemes1017 years ago
It"s not worth losing shamrock shakes

Cyle Labrecque11 years ago

BenjaminMurray7 years ago
No Burger King he'll no 🍔
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Daria Michałowska11 years ago
That's what I'm trying to achieve anyway. Having it without any effort would be a wonderful present.

FayruzOnyx8 years ago
doesn't matter, I would love to be sporty :3

Asha444410 years ago
Fastfood says me nothing! Basically I'm vegetarian....

FattyTheFat8 years ago
Who needs athleticism anyways?

theguytho22 days ago
What’s wrong with fast food? It’s just bread, meat, vegetables and corn starch mixed together with added grease— oh wait.

awesome21478 years ago
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JHawk6028 years ago
I agree with Devin Trainer

fecals8 years ago
i dont like sports so why bother lol

ValerieParker6 years ago
This would come in handy, for those times when people would try to get me to eat junk :)

SexFaceD9 years ago
I only eat people anyways, so now i just go for the slower ones. :(

sophiatheyoutuber8 years ago
peace out

KennyThLion8 years ago
I hate sports :P

Yndigo8 years ago
No downside kthxbai

BRUHBOY8 years ago

Jacquelynk6608 years ago
I'm already sporty yet I already eat junk food so hell to the nah

RubyTheFangirlSmol7 years ago
It didn't say anything about eat in restaurants. That food is better anyways.

Melissa Gunn11 years ago
After working at Sonic I'm slaming that button

Isaacjazzman2 years ago
You become very sporty but you have healthy eating habits. darn

KillerPumpkin 8 years ago
sporty isnt fit, i dont want to change my personality, im happy inside playing video games, i would do this if it meant becoming really fit and healthy

AlphaPredator8 years ago
I can become sporty with my own will

I wonder what this red button do?7 years ago
...So be a normal athlete?

azat8 years ago
screw mcdonalds

Axion5 years ago
I mean I'm already doing this so I don't see why not lmao

Sillybilly9 years ago
Is mayonnaise a fast food

Pootis man4208 years ago
You could make healthy burgers and pizzas

ValerieParker6 years ago
I hate fast food.

Max forbus9 years ago
Upside??? I dont ee the upside does anyone see the upside...? if you do... tell me

Commissar8 years ago
Two upside dang

sonicj018 years ago
i wont eat fastfood i will eat fast food

Done8 days ago
這有什麼好處? 不能吃麥當勞,還要做運動 滾開!

lolololxtrollxlololol8 years ago

odisseo8 years ago
Don't touch my hamburger

Ackkmann3 years ago
You can do that anyway. This would take away the achievement of attaining a sporty body. And you can't have a cheat day. Stupid.

speed91128 years ago
i don't eat fastfood anyway

yourfavouritebaguette6 years ago
2 downsides no wayyy
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