57108 (66%) 29679 (34%)
57108 (66%) people have pressed this button, while 29679 (34%) did not.
You get to know correct truth about any one question
You are unable to tell anyone the answer or question

samomezz8 years ago
doesnt mean you cant give them a multiple choice question with a whole bunch of bullshit and then the answer, and they have to guess

Logical-loopholes6 years ago
Instead of telling them how about cheating on a test
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Nacas8 years ago

Loophole man8 years ago
420*10=420 the meaning of life is to smoke weed
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Marcus-1016 years ago
Cheating on a test got way easier

Sophia Deggans11 years ago
i shall know the doctors name!

EpicGold9996 years ago
Yep 👍🏼!
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AllyMorgan7 years ago
Does the doctor who fandom seriously not know his name

WBGrock7 years ago
One of the running things in Doctor who is that the doctor"s sctual name is never said.... this "the world was saved by the Doctor!" "Doctor Who?"

TheMultifandomBoy7 years ago
Time to find out the truth about Destiel...... Or how to bring back Alexander Hamilton from the dead :3

AllyMorgan7 years ago
destiel, definitely destiel

Shane Christy11 years ago
loophole: writing it down and showing it is not telling.

MugmanGoesEEEEElast year
The looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop
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Rasa Meldyte11 years ago
Doctor Who?

ThePaulDude3 years ago
Dr when?
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Rob Evans11 years ago
As long as I know the truth...well, that's just fine.

TheJBum7 years ago
47 Years ago? WTF.

Jonnyrolson8 years ago
Will I go toheven or hell

bloodyfox1103 years ago

neeerddd9 years ago
So. I will know the Doctor's name, and I will know how to make Steven Moffat scared. Sounds good :')

PatrickMcRoof7 years ago
The question would be: "Which people wouldn't mind if I ****ed them?"

i_like_blue6 years ago
How about typing it? :wink:

Kia Dampeer11 years ago
larry stylinson though

pepper117 years ago
No one say i can't write it

Calmdown88 years ago
I will... i dont know

aliyah8 years ago
Write down and show to vips

minecraft.net8 years ago
That's great! None can't know that!

RandomnessInc6 years ago
Welp, ill ask “how do i make a ship with a hyperdrive-style ftl drive and get off this god-forsaken rock”, then proceed to build it.

Lilliana36132 years ago
When an ad shows up over the button so you can not press it

Thegoingbomb2 years ago
i hate that

PlayerSlayer8 years ago
Can I write it down and just leave it somewhere so that when a person crosses it Im not actually telling anyone?

jadyncute67 years ago
TELL *sly look*

the smasher8 years ago
So? just write the truth or learn sign language

HaruyukiMiyoshi7 years ago
I shall know if santa is real. Then I can be naughty.

Ghopher18 years ago
I know the answer but i'm not telling you don't deserve to know

Loopiloop5 years ago
How do I solve my psychological issues to live a healthy and happy life again?

Jamie Lynn Layton11 years ago
How\when\where/will I die?

Button pusher 90008 years ago
Done just right it down don't tell them

vfighter6 years ago
I shall know the QUESTION to life the universe for everything

Button4Life8 years ago
so i can teast my friends all day

Hexxonn8 years ago
My question, 'How can I find a loophole to this question?'

JordanBotelho3236 years ago
Now. Who"s on first?

thedevdude8 years ago
You would know how to become god and once you are god you will have the power to negate the downside.

randomman12 years ago
Uh huh, You get a power but can't use it lmfao.

TTV_Cerberus7 years ago
Already been posted but writing it is not telling anyone. Just putting it out there

17sherebrys8 years ago
Story of my Life.

Upbeatsans3 years ago
World hunger, Global Warming, COVID-19, prepare to die!

AyaMayume9 years ago
Just because I can't tell someone does not mean I cannot act on the knowledge I possess. No one needs to know how I discovered the secret to extending human life beyond a mere 100 years, but that my method works.

Calmdown88 years ago
I will whrite the questions and the answers

AhmetSabir6 years ago

Tacofun24hi7 years ago
Simple, you get something better than you already have, even with the downside. Why not press the button?

LandonBygate6 years ago
Know if someone has a crush on me. And to spare their dignity don’t tell anyone.

Speed-of-sound Sonic8 years ago
Wtf no!How i will answer the teacher's questions then??!!

aeden10288 years ago
WHAT'S THE POINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ciel the Earl Phantomhive8 years ago
Not worth it

JustDOit_7372 years ago
you could just put it down and put a note on it saying do not read everyone will read it

Iron Gamer8 years ago
can sill wright it down also could just lord it over people forever

Maqemay7 years ago
Person: Do you know what the meaning of life is? Me: Yep. Person: TELL ME! Me: Writes it on a piece of paper.

Heyyy-its-me-Jessie5 years ago
Okay then I'll just figure out the cure for cancer and when there is a patient that is in need of cure, I'll be the only one to save them since I can't tell anyone the cure to cancer.
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