You have the ability to play every instrument perfectly with no flaws,
You don't have the ability to speak.
I will not

SpoilerMaster8 years ago
Loophole - singing is an instrument

Qwertyone8 years ago
You could build an instrument capable of re-creating human voice.

Gagagagasggana7 years ago
Vocaloid lmao
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legion24687 years ago
I can't speak, but I can shout, whisper, scream, sing, etc.

Drew7145445 years ago
This is all forms of the speak

Rainbows-Jumper1237 years ago
That guy that has many talents but never speaks

PanderHD7 years ago
Voice is an Instrument too so... I can sing everything I want to say

Jacob Northhunger11 years ago
If I can play every single instrument, but I can't speak, then I can't play every instrument. Vocals is technically an instrument.

Robertthefishyyyyy6 years ago
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AmazingDragons6 years ago
Yay I can play Mayonnaise

SeñiorSmoothybuns7 years ago
*breaks into song* JOHNNY CAN YOU PLLEEEEEAAAAASE PASSS THEEE mustAAAAAAAAAARD!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?! Bam, instrument speak.

KayleighLute6 years ago
A song by fall out boy

Cormaden1457 years ago
Dis one was bad I hate it

Gavin Tam11 years ago
So basically i become sona from LoL

Steve Fisher11 years ago
Being deaf and mute, it'd be cool if I can play guitar flawlessy out of blue. xD

Gemma Anna11 years ago
i honestly don't talk much to begin with, but never screwing up would take the fun out of music. where's the satisfaction of getting it right and expressing yourself if you do that perfectly every single time? there's no "yay, i did it!" if you literally can't /not./

Gabriel Waer11 years ago over speech=done.

Megan Straka11 years ago
Speak through the music.. Did no one learn anything from Beethoven?

RobloxGamer3407 years ago
You wont speak. Wich is important1!! SO DOWNSIDE

Little Kendall8 years ago
If I can't speak a can't say GATA GO FEST

FineBaby2 years ago

skye-lah8 years ago
Loophole: I know sign language

Rerun248 years ago
So I become Sona from League of Legends?

UsernamesAreTooMainstream4 years ago
Wait... can I play.... mayonnaise??? VALLHALLA HERE I COME!

Kagerouuuu10 years ago
Mute....I'll do it!

WatInTarnashun6 years ago
I will become instrument man. I put a new instrument I invent over my mouth, I can speak. I will also have a bunch of powers. Like sonic wave.

sonicj018 years ago
whisper or SHOUT

RoryHasRice8 years ago
Sign Language is a form of speaking, just with actions. But, I have a whiteboard and a pen.

emily.dot8 years ago
John that's okay if you don't talk anymore

Peppermint-Kiwi3 years ago
Vocals are an instrument

That One Loud Guy9 years ago
loop hole: voice is an instrument, you just have to sing everything

TheMaleficent7 years ago
Imma sing!!

ConfusingApples8 years ago
I'd rather play a piano flawlessly, then have no social life for no reason.

Bart Jansen11 years ago
but your voice is an instrument

bleeding_rage7 years ago
loophole vocals is an instrument so then i can be perfect at speaking and not stutter my ass off when roasting people

The Shoe8 years ago
While I love to sing, and would wish I could play an instrument, I would never give up my voice to be perfect at one art form. Sure, I would get famous, but I would never be able to talk to anyone about it.

Vans1655 years ago
You can spell out words by notes of the instruments

Crazyjay588 years ago
Good thing I can text and write

Textle358 years ago
Sign language

Kkcool7036 years ago
What are those devises that you type and it says what you typed

Connor Bryant-Adams11 years ago
Well, I already play French Horn and Mellophone pretty freaking well. It's a no for me.

olivesprites2 years ago
Jokes on you, I'm a band kid

Octillion8 years ago
I already wish I was mute sometimes so people would feel less inclined to speak to me. No social anxiety or anything, I just don't like talking. XD

Leah_7707 years ago
Your voice is a instrument. Error LOOPHOLE

Lindwell8 years ago
No cause a silent metal band would be pretty bad anyways.

Meerkat_gaming7 years ago
vocals are an instrument dumbass

May138 years ago
You could talk out of music

Hosuh4 years ago
I don't speak to people anyway, I"d be drowning them out with the bloody Wii theme on piano if they tried talking to me either way-

Lexi2234510 years ago
Didn't say I couldn't sing. Remember that from victorious?

theshyminion88098 years ago
Sign language

SHunterValley6 years ago
That"s good, learn sign language.

Marsiskickass Robinson11 years ago
eh mute but gifted sounds cool

Adelb B8 years ago
mute orchestra

Whocares3517 years ago
Good thing text to speech is a thing
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