You are extremely strong
trying to eat cookies and other cruntry treats without breaking into 1000 little crumbs them becomes an impossibility
I will not

BawbRaws7 years ago
Put the cookies in a bowl and let "em crumble. Pour in some milk. Enjoy your cookie cereal.

Radioactive_Foxy3 years ago
So true
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bailybailybailybaily7 years ago

Smörgåstortoise6 years ago
What about crunchy stuff?

smoool7 years ago
well, good thing i dont like any cruntry things (?)

Anthony Jebrael11 years ago
Get someone else to feed cookies to you

Emblazened2 years ago
doesn't matter, you would still be "trying to eat them" and thus they would still break.
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Midean7 years ago
Doesn't say the crumbs have to make a mess, that they have to be a particular size, or that we would mind, just that they have to exist.

Bodhiskywalker5 years ago
c r u n t r y

GlutNy6 years ago
This guy needs to learn his grammars

Agendergorilla7 years ago
I'm sorry I don't want to break into 1000 little crumbs

Mykeelovesbidoofs7 years ago

Rebecca Song11 years ago
I clicked it because grammar mistakes.

HelenDonaldson6 years ago
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Robbie Shabasson11 years ago
soft cookie. it only says "cruntry" treats.

MaybeIWillPressTheButton6 years ago
oh..............i didnt think of that.
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Tiffany Pham11 years ago
D--> Oh my

Cardboard4138 years ago
JUST Y3S >:] }:) 38)

Saruul Orgil11 years ago
have someone else feed them to you?

Kasper Lilleris11 years ago
Crumbs are nice too :3

ballsdeep69 III8 years ago
1 I cacrack peoples fucking skulls 2 I can eat icecream

TheGabsHP7 years ago
I hate sweet stuff, so... 😁

MrBoredom0329 years ago
The But makes no sense what so ever

Kate Woods8 years ago
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Gozieaaaa13 years ago
Just break them as you are strong💪

CobaltStarling7 years ago
Crunty treats?

Renee Pelletier11 years ago

Mahmoudghabash8 years ago
i can eat this with put my mouth on the Cookies and eat without my hands

SnowJohn6 years ago
What"s the down side?

Nana282468 years ago
What the actual fuck? So I can crush cars under my bare feet but I can only eat in bits?

Blaze___Lord___8 years ago

Luke_Groundrunner6 years ago
Less crumbs? Awesome!

Ieatkids sus8 years ago

Littlebigbutton50( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)8 years ago
just get a GIANT cookie

ratboy1817 years ago
Eat them with a spoon.

JaaaY9 years ago

MKX Jason Voorhees8 years ago
I'm already Jason give me a break

iiSanAndressLaw2 years ago
zip loc

Willyboi8 years ago
being Extremely strong looks weird and stupid and im already strong so i'm like YOLO SMASH THAT BUTTON!

PeetaFangirlForever8 years ago
Crumbs taste the same so who cares?? Just eat then with a spoon or something

Dragon of the night8 years ago
You bend the spoon????? XD

yourfavouritebaguette6 years ago
that"s what plates are for

gottaZayn8 years ago
I don't want to look like I'm on steroids ty

ballsdeep69 III8 years ago

EdanPhillips7 years ago
I want to lose weight, so I"d love this.

JmancoolJ9 years ago
That already happens.

mekl6 years ago
breaking is chewing so just chew it

King Don8 years ago
I get my girlfriend to feed me

alexrobec7 years ago
just try to eat it with your mouth #loophole

Timothy Carroll11 years ago
No sweets and get fit? Real life.

olvvvvlo8 years ago
Strengh is overated

DrWho36078 years ago

shooloo8 years ago
a lot of restaurants would hire me

Some-Random-Sniper-Main7 years ago
I cringe at your english

smolbabypumpkin8 years ago

Luchastic3 years ago
This is like hell

Piratewaffle438 years ago
So become really strong and be discouraged from eating foods I probably shouldn't eat. And basically be Equius. I don't see the problem.

Atomicman9607 years ago
I dont even like cookies
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