There is a zombie apocalypse and you are left with unlimited ammunition and any gun of your choice while immune to any infection.
All of your friends and family are infected, you are shunned by any survival groups/factions and have to survive alone.
I will not

ThatsInsane7 years ago
What"s the point in pressing the button? If I don't press it there wouldn't be an apocalypse anyway.

TheBiscuitMan3 years ago
What is the upside?

gaychicken4485543 years ago
basically a lose lose situation?

ShimmeShimmeKoKoBop6 years ago
Where"s the upside? lol

JustJamin2 years ago
What If you made friends during the invasion?

James1117 years ago
Pressed it to get a cool gun.

KittyKat1078 years ago
Can I have a wolf? Pwease

RGPZ6 years ago
Would They Be Infected
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nexition3 years ago
just get the raygun broo

AlphaPredator8 years ago
I can become the cure and I can defend my loved ones

ThatCook 8 years ago
No, they die.

Vixa6 years ago
Sounds like an awesome game

Mike Walker11 years ago
So if I don't press it, there's no apocalypse?

JustJamin2 years ago
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Cguy8445 years ago
I will be feared as a mythical demon god amongst my fellow humans

Nichovach8 years ago
Become Rambo in the zombie apocalypse and immune to infection?Downside?

abcx8 years ago
Your relatives are Zombies.

Constipated-man7 years ago
So lovers aren't in lcluded so ill protect my crush she'll think I'm a hero and I'll protect scientists who shun me but it doesn't say that they hate me or want to get rid of me or that they have to know im there they can use my blood for a vaccine the apo...[Show full comment]

cutedeathpuppy8 years ago
i wan't to kill my brother

Kajalaka8 years ago
Wan't? You nee'd to lear'n ho'w to us'e apostroph'es in th'e englis'h languag'e
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belle kitty8 years ago
im NOT giving up my family

Tommy Light11 years ago
So it's almost like you're Alice from Resident Evil......

Sofia Isabella Pabst11 years ago

Repeater2 months ago

I'm_Kaneki's_Bae8 years ago
it doesn't matter if I'm immune to any infection I could still be eaten alive... so yeah I'd rather just stay home and watch anime...

Maranda Long11 years ago
If i am going to doe in a zombie apocalypse it s going to be bythe sides of those that i love the most and knowing thay i did all that i could to protect them before i died.

setterblad6 years ago
I'm a lone wolf

Button_Masher8 years ago
Get a flame thrower and burn anyone in your path

AssHar7 years ago
Fucking, why? Why would you WANT a zombie apocalypse? Sick fucks

TheProblemGuy9 years ago
But that's a lose lose situation

MattN6 years ago
Im an introvert for me no downside

Danonimusss8 years ago
59% did not? Wtf fuck the family and friends

lukebomber7 years ago
Just because you dont get infected doesnt meant it wont fucking hurt! Why would you want to start a zombie apocolypse anyway?

Kontradic9 years ago
For the downside you shouldve added the reason for being shunned is because trouble and zombies always follow you since, your a walking anti zombie apocalypse

WLX102 years ago
I would press the button just because i feel like a zombie apocalypse would be a lot of fun

mr.whatface8 years ago
Wow, how could this get any better? If only bird people existed.

A Faceless Face7 years ago
You may be immune but they can still eat you

greaterfiend9 years ago
If I'm Immune to infection, there is no worry. Just trap those I want cured and figure it out while blowing zombies away.

PeaceMaker558 years ago
I will choose a nuke its a kind of gun then bile everywhere so there will be no zombies

KikuTanzerin7 years ago
Finally. *presses the button*

angrivator8 years ago
simple nuke the zombies with an antivirus to make the dead R.I.P in peace humans wouldnt be infected downside to the antivirus it takes decades to create

Tea7 years ago
The biting and attacks would still hurt you just wouldn't get infected

The Nice Gamer Guy ;)8 years ago
I will always get the last laugh . >:)

YEEZUS_CHRIST8 years ago
I would kill anything that moves (everybody shuns me, screw them, my family/friends are dead and zombies are self-explanatory)

Aaron Green11 years ago
I wouldnt care of anyone's opinion about me unless they are willing to attack me on sight.

Krusek7 years ago
I can still trade with them.

JaCkIsSoMeFiSh!9 years ago
What is the upside? You get a gun and lots and lots of bullets, and everyone dies. Just get a gun, and buy a bunch of bullets. No apocalypse needed

BadBanana692 years ago
A few buttons ago I got that I can have any power I want so I just started an apocalypse, so I’m not pressing it to have help. CHEAT 100

LogicWizard3148 years ago
Where's the upside?

Glimmer Avery11 years ago
I would of been alone anyways, so it's better to be immune and fully loaded.

AhmetSabir6 years ago
Welp apocalypse everyone needs a gf or a pet so no

flasninja248 years ago
Wow this is just wow (I'm kinda a solo because people slow me down)

Pyrosomebody9 years ago
I don't really mind as i will have a GATLING GUN

septiceye8 years ago
they didntsay gf

GangsternauwL7 years ago
How about the others who pressed the button as well ?
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