You can redesign yourself as you like, and start your life over again with all your current knowledge.
There is a 1+n percent chance (where N=Age) you will die every year in a gruesome manner.
I will not

Lzke7 years ago
n isn't N. And since you never specified what n is, it stays at it"s default value. Which is typically zero. So I have a one percent chanceof dieing each year? That"s lower than average...

DisTendo6 months ago
I’m so pressing it in this case
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Perfect Pizza Pie8 years ago
why everybody posting shit 46 years ago?

TitouanPontet6 years ago
It means the comment is generaly over 3 years old and plus it"s suposed to be a joke
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Potato_Chips4 years ago
Oh No its Gold Experience Requiem and Diavolo Fuck

LegacyLucario7 years ago
currently 50% of people (including me) pressed and 50% did not

Cody Griffith11 years ago
i'll make myself immortal

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ImNotAFish6 years ago
N=age in millennia

TateAllen6 years ago
Make two of all your organs so you can live without them

Anonymouslydone8 years ago
12% chance. Of course I will press it.

Bushi008 years ago
And then in another year it'd be 13%, then 14%, then 15%, then 16%...

Klarix8 years ago
I'll kill myself in a gruesome manner.

Ty Walters11 years ago
I'd re design myself to be able to predict the future and I would be the world's strongest man and invincible so I could prevent all my deaths! HA LOOPHOLES!!!

Trolerp8 years ago
And how should ya do that?

MoonlightEcho117 years ago
I don't want to die

Ratee3 months ago

jolizabeth9 years ago
A 13% chance? HECK YEAH

PhDCola1238 years ago
So, I have a 1% chance of dieng?

Seven3338 years ago
At birth, yes, but it would go up by 1% every year older you are. Like if you were 49, you'd have a 50% chance of dying.

saladxomq6 years ago
redesgin myselfhow I want.. I"LL JUST DESIGN MYSELF IMMORTAL

Tyler Green11 years ago
If you die every year, you have to come back to life before the next year. soooo, I don't see the problem...

Legohawk227 years ago

Ultralord14006 years ago
Redesign yourself exactly as you were before you were brutally killed.

EyeOwnUrEnergy7 years ago
I will have the ability to asexuality reproduce but still be able to sexuality produce. I will be invincible, immortal, and immune to all negative ailments. I will have the ability to create planets fit for all types of life. I will be able to do whatever ...[Show full comment]

Herpaderp209 8 years ago
15% I'll test my luck

Reach !8 years ago
redisign myself so i cant die!

Miotrestoked8 years ago
Since u start ur life over, you're 0 years old. That means 1% chance. So I flippin' pressed that button.

Jellax-Jedi7 years ago
Redesign myself to be immortal and indestructible. 31% chance negated.

Goku10 years ago
1+n = Age. So, if you're 18 years old, that would mean 19% chance. I'm 18 and I would take that risk. Dragon time!

Luckyducky727 years ago
Dr. Seuss (don’t delete) Don't laugh at this! Just do it! It"s not scary either Do this 1time and within an hour Your wish come true!!! & My cousins best friend did this and wished for a promotion and she got the call this morning and she got ...[Show full comment]

Ray Marc8 years ago
Highly unlikely,so its worth it.

olliepeccarinopalmer7 years ago
Girl: am I pretty? Boy: no Girl: do you even want to be with me forever?rnBoy: nornGirl: do you even like me?rnBoy: nornGirl: would you cry if I walked awayrnBoy: nornShe"d heard enough and was hurt... She walked away with tears in her eyesrnThe boy grabbe...[Show full comment]

weewee8 years ago

Pls no8 years ago
Have your birthday on February 29, restart your life before your 18th birthday multiple times until you have enough knowledge to get a college tuition before your first birthday, get a degree each Gregorian year, restart again, make $billions-of, restart o...[Show full comment]

Onyxfangg7 years ago
I"d start my life over at the same age- I don't want to go to school again

CAZRAN8 years ago
id take the chances

Jessicablove7 years ago
Who wants to find true love then die in a terrible manner

AWESOMENESS24048 years ago
ill design my self to at least live up to 100!

The Crackalacking Cracka Masta9 years ago
16% whatevah

BananaLehPotato8 years ago
I wanna be tall. (Yep thats it)

IballistiKitten6 years ago
Doesn’t this mean you’re somewhat immortal

kamikazecupcake7 years ago

Error01018 years ago
The luckiest person in the world would only be 100 years old. Oh wait, it's just our current age? I'm good with attempting that, after all 15% isn't that bad. I can test my luc-Double oh wait. It says every year, so on average I would-Tripple oh wait, that...[Show full comment]

BlackCat226 years ago
I wouldn't take the risk. Dying every single year would get really tiring

Plucifer7 years ago

Craftingkiki7 years ago
15%? Besides that you could totally make yourself immune to that, I'll take the chance.

MrTrickyC8 years ago
Downside? Violent doesn't mean slow...

Redfluffpanda8 years ago
People with low self esteem.

Manza1238 years ago
N=Age but n is not defined, therefore the percentage cannot be defined, also imune to pain

I_AmSleepDeprived3 years ago
So I could become Diavolo

draconius10 years ago
goku that was mi idea but yeah I be a dragon

Melody000i7 years ago
It"s a 15% chance I'm good

LichGuy6 years ago
Idiots didn't press the button

Rein Deilerd11 years ago
Pressing it. Screw annual death. I WANT TO START MY LIFE ALL OVER AGAIN, RIGHT NOW

BlazeoFT7 years ago
Experiences define your character, nobody would be the same person they are now if they never made a mistake.
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